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Getting a Job, Getting Ahead, and Staying Ahead in Security Management.

Getting a Job, Getting Ahead, and Staying Ahead in Security Management is divided into four sections and addresses three subjects that anyone seeking to enter or already in security management must consider.

The first section suggests ways to find a better paying position while working. The third chapter of this section, however, drifts from the concept of finding a job to briefly describing how to establish your own security consulting business-a difficult undertaking at best and one that entire books have been devoted to.

The second section presents ways to make the most of opportunities in your company to develop greater power, respect, status, and income. This section is full of major security topics, such as computer security, risk management, and executive protection. These topics, however, require greater coverage than the brief presentations offered here. Once again, Taitz departs from the general theme of this section with a three-page summary of how to form your own community contract service.

The third section of this book describes how to cope with today's ever present job-threatening situations. The continuous need to justify the security department's size to top management and how to survive a severe budget cut are addressed. This section is by far the meatiest of the book.

Section four contains a list of additional resources for follow-up on the material presented. Including the resource list is an excellent idea since the book covers so many major topics too briefly. In view of the growing importance of and demand for higher education in security management, the book also includes an appendix of colleges and universities with degree and non-degree programs in security.

Both of those resources will certainly assist anyone interested in getting a job, getting ahead, and staying ahead. However, this 176-page book does not accomplish this goal by itself and certainly requires additional reading, research, and education on the part of security novices. The book simply presents a collection of major topics to guide a security novice. Other than that, I find no reason to recommend the book to a seasoned security manager, especially at the present price.
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Author:Crawford, Allen
Publication:Security Management
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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