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Get your slurry in a hurry.

The Cyclomix, high shear mixer, mixes liquids, and high and low viscosity slurries in less time than most pan mixers or central drive dissolvers that are typically used for slurry mixing. An easy clean conical design ensures full discharge of even sticky products whilst the Cyclomix's self cleaning cycle reduces cleaning time and effort.

Renowned for its ability to mix cohesive powders like pigments, toners and pharmaceuticals the Cyclomix, from Hosokawa Micron Ltd. is now increasingly being seen as the mixer of choice for companies wishing to thoroughly mix liquids including polymers, water with powder fillers and active ingredients and additives.

Recent tests, using a 250ltr Cyclomix, demonstrated the capability of the Cyclomix to achieve a well mixed slurry in a fraction of the time of other mixers, achieving an homogenous mixture in only 3 minutes. This time included the cleaning cycle. A capacity of 5,000 litres per hour, per single machine was recorded.

The unique flow pattern in the Cyclomix, that pushes the product to the vessel wall and then upwards before being directed downwards by the cover to be reintroduced to the bottom part of the mixing chamber, means the complete content of the mixer is in intensive motion. No dead spots can be found and the mixture contains no late mix agglomerates that have clung to the vessel walls.

When the Cyclomix is used for intensive mixing of slurries the powder/liquid ratio can vary from 20-80% to 99-1%.

The conical shape of the vessel facilitates full product discharge with no mixture trapped at the vessel wall for separate removal as in some other mixer types. In the Cyclomix process one of the recipe liquids can be charged first to the mixer, the Cyclomix will run for about 5 seconds at 20-30 m/sec during which time the mixer is cleaning itself with the process liquid. After completion of this cycle the mixer can be charged with the other liquids and solids for mixing. By using the self cleaning system of the Cyclomix, cleaning becomes an integral part of the process saving time and effort.

The Cyclomix offers a flexihle mixing option with excellent reproducibility between batches. Capable of mixing a variety of different recipes the Cyclomix can be used from 25% to 100% filling rate resulting in a constant mixing quality.

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Title Annotation:Plant and Equipment; Hosokawa Micron Ltd.'s food mixing equipment
Comment:Get your slurry in a hurry.(Plant and Equipment)(Hosokawa Micron Ltd.'s food mixing equipment)
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Date:Aug 1, 2008
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