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Get your M24 repaired.

Because the M24 sniper weapon system is such a precise weapon, repairing it is very precise. That means almost anything that needs fixing must be fixed by Remington Arms, the manufacturer.

So how do you get it to Remington?

Begin by asking your installation accountable property officer to prepare a DD Form 1348 using a document identifier code (DIC) FTE (report of excess) and AOE (requisition with exception data), which are covered by Chap 7 of AR 725-50, Requisition, Receipt, and Issue System.

The exception data should include the M24's serial number, the FTE document number, and a point of contact, including a commercial or DSN phone number.

TACOM-Rock Island will respond with an FTR (reply to report of excess) that will direct you to ship the M24 to Remington. Remington will return the repaired weapon to you using the document number from the AOE.

If you're OCONUS and don't have access to US registered mail, TACOM-RI will direct you to send the M24 to Anniston Army Depot, which will ship it to Remington.

The FTE and AOE can be phoned into TACOM-RI at (309) 782-2774/DSN 793-2774 or faxed to (309) 782-2640/DSN 793-2640 or emailed to:

For more info, contact George Riley, (309) 782-3843/DSN 793-3843, or Doug Carlstrom, (309) 782-2361/DSN 793-2361, or your local TACOM-RI logistics assistance representative.
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