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Get to the rear of the queue ladies; TV personality and model Chloe Goodman claims Irish girls will be big fans of the new 3D bum-lift technology that gets great results and is a non-invasive procedure.

Byline: Siobhan O'Connor

TV personality and model Chloe Goodman is flying the flag for bum lifts in Ireland and said Irish women are embracing the new nonsurgical beauty craze.

The 24-year old former Ex on the Beach star was in Dublin to promote the new 3D technology which lifts your bum in under an hour.

The brunette beauty said she's jaded being a reality star and told of the downside of fame.

Chloe told the Irish Mirror: "I've had my car keyed a couple of times, but everything has it's downsides.

"I do love the whole industry, sometimes you think I don't want to do this anymore I'm so ready to move on, it's a love hate thing."

The London native said she'd love to do TV work in Ireland, "I've never done Irish TV but I'd really love to be on something like Dancing with the stars next year."

From brilliant bum lifts to visible cellulite reduction the new 3D treatments have been embraced by Towie's Amy Child's, Gemma Collins, Coleen Rooney (below) and Patsy Kensit to name but a few.

Chloe gushed: "Years ago it was all the rage to get implants and things like that, the reason I love this treatment is because being curvy is really in fashion at the moment.

"I would never recommend to go and get bum lifts because in 10 year's time it might not be the fashion anymore but with the 3D lift it's noninvasive.

"The reason I love this so much is because it's a non- surgical platform, it's an hour treatment, you can have a course of treatments you do for eight weeks and you get permanent results, literally you could have it on your lunch break.

"I'm such a massive fan and I've had it done a few times now."

Chloe who revealed she had a miscarriage earlier last year said the pain of losing her baby sent her into hiding and she split from fiance footballer Jordan Clarke.

She said: "A lot of people didn't know we were secretly engaged and we broke up a few months back, I lost a stone in a few weeks from stress and anxiety as I suffer from this anyway.

"We were planning to have a baby and earlier on this year I had a miscarriage, I fell pregnant and it was amazing. "We had the heartbreak then of finding out at the scan that the baby had died.

"I had to go to hospital and they had to force the miscarriage on because I was still carrying the baby.

The stunner revealed she gave up on the idea of reality TV following her tragedy.

She said: "I ruled out reality TV this year because I wanted to go about my miscarriage privately without anyone knowing about it.

"It's been months now so I'm quite happy to talk about it and talk about it and help other women through it."

This year Chloe is keen to bring vaginal tightening to Ireland and said many of her UK friends are already fans of designing their vaginas.

She said: "I'm very excited to find out about the technology, I've had loads of friends who have had designer vaginas done.

"My friends are very open about it and I think it's something women want, a lot of people are quite hush hush but it's something women want."

Irish women are already going mad for the bum lifts and Chloe reckons it's only a matter of time before vagina tightening is on trend too.

She said: "I think Irish women will embrace the bum lift and the vagina tightening, because we've seen how in the UK it works.

"What's the stigma attached to it, it's not surgery, it's not invasive and it takes one hour, it's like a massage.

"What I love about the machine not only does it help you get to where you want to be, it also helps you maintain your figure."

Chloe's top beauty tips

Say no! to yo yo dieting. I'm not a massive fan of growing old gracefully, if I can try and prevent it or slow it down I will.

Drink two litres of water every day.

Get yourself into a good routine, I eat as healthy as I can.

Ditch the diet at the weekend! I eat whatever I want at the weekends, but eat really healthily during the week.

I go to the gym as much as I can to stay in shape - but sometimes I'll only go once a week.

If you're time poor why not go for a 20 minute run.

I'm a massive advocate for strong confident independent women, I'm a girl's girl.

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3D The non-surgical face and body device technology

WE HAVE LIFT-OFF: Creator Roy Crowley with Chloe Goodman at the 3D Lipo launch at Dublin's Fitzwilliam Hotel and, inset, Chloe's tweet and picture of her at the clinic
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