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Get to the Point!: A Collection of Pointing Pages and Powerful Plans.

Get to the Point!: A Collection of Pointing Pages and Powerful Plans, by Artie Almeida and Katie Grace Miller. Heritage Music Press, 2012.; 88 pp., $34.95. Grades K-3.

Get to the Point!: A Collection of Pointing Pages and Powerful Plans is a wonderful new resource for elementary general music educators. This collection of activities, written by two experienced music education professionals, is filled with creative, practical ideas and reproducible visual aids and manipulatives. The "pointing pages" are visual representations of songs that students use to follow along, tapping the icons or notation with their finger or a "responder" as they listen to or sing the tune. The pointing pages keep the students engaged and focus their attention on the musical concepts being addressed.

Each of the 15 units provided includes a song, pointing pages and several lesson plan activities. The lesson plans are well constructed, including appropriate grade level suggestions, notes for teacher preparation, beautifully illustrated visual aids and instructional steps for a variety of activities. The lesson modules ate flexible, so teachers can use one or all of the suggested activities depending on the time available. Lessons address a wide variety of musical concepts and skills including rhythm, contour, form, melodic direction, music literacy, singing, beat competency and composition. There are also options for instrumental transfer (recorder, classroom percussion and Orff instruments), body percussion, movement and games.

The authors provide fresh ideas for some standard general music repertoire including "Bluebird," "Engine Engine" and "Teddy Bear," and also cover lesser-known classics like "Oats Peas Beans" and "Jelly in the Bowl." The graphics provided are especially useful for those of us who ate less artistically gifted. Digital versions of visual aids are also provided on a CD, making it easy to print and project in color. Chock full of creative, feasible ideas for engaging music-making activities, dais book is an excellent, practical resource for both new teachers looking for fun ideas and veteran teachers wishing to refresh and enliven their standard repertoire.--Reviewed by Sarah J. Bartolame, Louisiana State University


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Author:Bartolome, Sarah J.
Publication:American Music Teacher
Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 1, 2012
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