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Get the torque right.


If the hardware for the handle and firing mechanism on the M224 and M224A1 mortars isn't torqued correctly, the mortars may not fire.

Here's the correct torque:

* M224: Tighten the self-locking screw and nuts to 10 + 2 lb-ft (13.6 + 2.7 N x m).



* M224A1: Torque the two new self-locking nuts to 10 + 2 lb-ft (13.6 + 2.7 N x m). Torque the shoulder screw into the loop clamp to 12.5 + 2 lb-ft (17.0 + 2.7 N*m).

Make a note until this info is added to TM 9-1010-223-23&P and TM 9-1010-233-23&P.

And check out the complete scoop in TACOM maintenance information message 14-022:

* Torque references are industry standard.

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Date:Aug 1, 2014
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