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Get the holiday feeling at home.

WITH the trend for staycations booming and money belts being tightened, an exotic holiday may just be a postcard fantasy for many this year.

If a beach break is off the agenda, set up your own holiday haven with a sunny detour to the beauty shelves. No passport required.

* SCENT OF SUMMER SHUT your eyes and one waft of your favourite sun cream will transport you back to slurping on ice lollies on the beach.

"Smell is the sense that can most quickly transport our minds to a place we've loved on holiday," explains Alice Hart-Davis, creator of the Good Things skincare range.

"It might be the elusive, heady scent of night blooming jasmine or the sharp tang of seaweed on a British beach, and instantly you're back there." Seek out fragrances that trigger summer memories, such as coconut essence, along with bathroom products such as shower gel, body lotion and shampoo to pack a more intense punch.

Scents don't come much more beachy than Bobbi Brown Beach Fragrance, pounds 36.50 (www.bobbibrown. right.

* SEA INSPIRED WHILE it's tricky to recreate that "sand and sea between your toes" sensation, you can still transform your bathroom into a version of beach-hut heaven.

Use sea-inspired products for the benefits of the ocean on dry land: "Use a natural sea sponge because they're more durable and retain more water than a synthetic sponge," suggests Chey Birch, founder of Black Chicken Remedies.

"Natural sea sponges have enzymes in them that inhibit the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria."

Whether in Blighty or abroad, if you're bound for the beach, sand can make the perfect beauty souvenir.

Create a DIY scrub concoction with sea salt, honey, lemon juice and olive oil. Mix together and massage to stimulate senses and reveal silky skin.

Get beachy surfer girl hair with EF Ocean Mist salt water spray, pounds 10.75 (www.martynmaxey. left.

* VACATION MODE EVER noticed how all women radiate towards the Duty Free beauty department at airports? Never mind the plane, products can really help you take off into pure unadulterated escapism.

Whether you've just returned from the trip of a lifetime or are staying put this summer, recreate that holiday glow without the hassle of packing.

"Start by changing your everyday routine into holiday mode," advises Caroline Frazer, Simple skincare expert.

"Switch on holiday music, replace your glaring bathroom light with big candle holders and surround yourself with sand and shells. I love True Grace Seashore candles, from John Lewis.

They're just pounds 21 each."

Maintain your usual holiday regime by faking a sun-kissed glow with self-tanning products and embracing bright colour cosmetics.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 21, 2011
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