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Get the hang of curtains; Take the pane out of window shopping with MARJORIE CALDER's tips.


YOU can't really say you are into interior design until you have stood in utter bafflement before the huge array of different curtain poles available.

There are wooden ones and metal ones, thick ones and thin ones, ones with threads and chains, valance rails and double rails for voiles.

And you thought your problems were over when you chose the curtains themselves?

Luckily, help is at hand and the staff at Texstyle world will help you select the appropriate pole or curtain track for your needs.

The dimensions and position of the window to be covered should be the first thing to be considered.

Check, too, which way the windows open so that the curtains or blinds won't get in the way or keep out too much light.

You need to carefully calculate the correct length of track or pole and remember to take into account any overlap of fabric on either side of the window.

Also, it's a good idea to check whether the track can be wall mounted or, if it's a recessed window, whether you may have to hang the track from the ceiling.

If you can afford to spend a little more, then think about buying a corded track which avoids any need for grubby or sticky fingers to touch your curtain fabric. Train the kids to open and close the drapes with the cord and your curtains should stay pristine for longer.

The actual style of pole depends on personal taste and on what sort of drapes you have chosen.

Make sure the track is suitable for the weight of material you intend to hang from it and, if you plan to fit a valance or pelmet, buy a double track designed for this purpose.

It's worth checking with a member of Texstyle world's staff if you are at all unsure - and remember to select the appropriate size of curtain hooks for the track you have chosen if they are not already included in the pack.

There are many different choices in the finish of curtain rails where the rails themselves will be seen, and then there are different pole ends and tie-backs to be considered.

There's not quite a degree qualification in curtain poles yet, but Texstyle world consider themselves pretty well qualified to solve any hanging dilemmas.
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Date:Jul 30, 2002
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