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Get that feeling.

I would venture to say that most bowhunters have never experienced the feeling of a perfectly executed shot. The easiest way to get this feeling is to close your eyes as you shoot. This eliminates the need to aim, which frees your brain to focus all attention on the mechanics of the shot. Closing your eyes actually enhances all of your other senses (except sight), especially your sense of touch.

To shoot with your eyes closed, start by standing about three feet from the target butt or backstop. Draw your bow and point at the middle of the backstop. Now close your eyes, and focus completely on relaxation. Use your best form. Try to use your back muscles to hold the bow. Relax your hands and your arms. Don't worry about where the arrow might hit.

Now squeeze off the shot. in time, you'll actually begin to understand what a pure and perfect shot feels like. Hold on to this feeling.

After you've done this for about a week, try to shoot with your eyes open, still standing close to the target. Don't use a sight, and don't aim. Try to keep the same feeling.

Finally, put your sight back on the bow and shoot at a very large spot. Over time, slowly decrease the size of the target as you move back. Try to maintain the same feeling you experienced with your eyes closed. If you feel yourself starting to lose that relaxed feeling, go back to shooting with closed eyes for a while until you recover the feeling.
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Title Annotation:EASTON arrows SHOOTING TIP With Randy Ulmer
Author:Ulmer, Randy
Date:Mar 1, 2008
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