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Get ready for year of high adventure.

Byline: PSYCHIC SANDRA makes her Irish star predictions for 2005

A STELLIUM of planets in fiery Sagittarius on January 1, 2005 predicts an adventurous year ahead!

This is a great year to expand your horizons mentally, physically, and romantically. You'll be filled with enthusiasm and your lust for life will be growing.

There will be endless opportunities and activities available to explore and express your energy.

BERTIE AHERN will find success, stability and new love, a younger lady with international connections. He needs to be careful though, as "Fertility and Abundance" are his key words. Bertie could become a father again within the next couple of years.

LOUIS WALSH will continue to conquer the world. His key words are "Inspiration and Transformation" so I see this Magical Maestro involved in new projects and a different field. America will be hugely significant for Ireland's greatest music Ambassador.

KERRY McFADDEN wants Brian back but her insecurities will lead to publicity for all the wrong reasons. Key words of "Desperation and Denial" show she will try too hard where both career and romance are concerned.

She may rush into a disastrous rebound relationship.

TWINK will meet a new admirer who will want to sweep her off her feet. But key words of "Determination and Caution" reveal she'll keep him at arms length and immerse herself in family and career projects while she learns how to trust and let someone close to her again

COLIN FARRELL has "Review and Rebirth" as his key words - predicting a profound, life-changing event. He will become involved in writing or directing, re-focus and star in a new Hollywood blockbuster. And yes, he will fall in love. Again, and again, and again..

JONATHAN RHYS-MEYERS is destined to be Ireland's new rising Hollywood star. This young Corkman, soon to be seen in Alexander alongside Colin Farrell, will achieve global success and stay the pace. "Achievement and Potential" predict his outstanding success.

ROBBIE KEANE will continue to deliver the goods and prove what a world- class footballer he is. "Movement and Fruition" forecast another English Premiership club will make him an offer he'll find hard to refuse. Pregnancy or marriage (or both) is on the cards too.

BOB GELDOF has huge changes on the way. His relationship with actress Jeanne Marine is under pressure and this will either end in a parting of the ways or with wedding bells. Either way Bob may not even notice as he continues to chase his dream of being a rock star.

MICHAEL FLATLEY will continue to amaze with his talent as he turns to writing or art. "Reunion and Realisation" tell me he will be back in the arms of an old flame - a beautiful Irish blonde, perhaps? His priorities will change this year and he'll crave emotional security.

LUKE HAYDEN: Seen playing Ross's father John in Fair City and barman Eugene in Killinaskully, this renowned Irish actor will soon be seen on the big screen in "One Man's Hero" with Tom Berenger. He's surely starred for fame with key words of "Hollywood and Stardom."


Bertie Ahern's charm will be put to good use and Louis Walsh will conquer on; Twink will concentrate on her career while Jonathan Rhys-Meyers will win top roles
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 2, 2005
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