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Get ready for NLC's 'Cities in Action.' (National League of Cities)(includes related conference and registration information)

NLC members should be on the lookout for the latest information about the Congress of Cities and Exposition, scheduled December 2-5 in Orlando, Fla.

The first of two promotional brochures for NLC's annual meeting was mailed mid-July and have taken only three weeks for delivery. However, NCL has received numerous calls from members around the country who are on our mailing list but have not yet received this brochure. NLC is working with the U.S. Postal Service to determine the cause of this excessively slow delivery and regrets any inconvenience members are experiencing.

The brochure has been reproduced in this special supplement to Nation's Cities Weekly. If more than one person from your city would like to attend, please photocopy the form for each individual and mail or fax the form to:

NLC Conference Registration Center

P. 0. Box 17413

Dulles International Airport

Washington, D.C. 20041

FAX: 703/318-8833

This year's conference is focusing on "Cities In Action, Working Together," and promises to attract a record crowd of local elected officials, for policy making, practical skill-building seminars and informative workshops.

And, as usual, the largest annual gathering of local elected officials will feature notable national speakers discussing many of the least topics of interest to America's local elected leadership.

Attention Newcomers

The Congress of Cities can be a very confusing experience if you have never before attended. A special orientation session has been designed to introduce you to the National League of Cities, and the Congress of Cities. This session will be held on Thursday, December 2 at 4:30 p.m. in the Convention Center.

Once you fill out the "Attendee Profile" on the Housing and Registration form, you will receive more detailed information about NLC and the format of the conference program.

Host City Mobile Workshops

The City of Orlando invites you to experience some of the innovative approaches used to solve challenges by attending mobile workshops that will be conducted on Thursday, December 2 and Friday, December 3. The tours are described below. Please indicate your area(s) of interest on the "Housing and Registration" form to assist the City of Orlando and the National League of Cities staff in designing and presenting these workshops.

Community Oriented Policing: A presentation on Orlando's efforts including an overview of the training given to officers, a review of the mounted patrol and bicycle patrol and the downtown patrol.

Housing for the Homeless: How Orlando has dealt with its transient and homeless problem through a privately operated publicly assisted program.

Recreational Center Computer Learning Labs: Learn how Orlando will help inner city youths learn about computers and how they can enhance their lives.

Downtown Orlando Facilities Tour: Tour Orlando's state-of-the-art Arena and City Hall.

LYNX-Orlando's Transit System: Learn about innovative programs enhancing transit use, including painted buses, downtown free bus service, and other ways of making transportation exciting.

Minority Business Development Program: Learn how Orlando has put into place a program to help minority businesses grow.

Take "Great Ideas" Back Home

In these difficult economic times for cities and towns, why should you attend the Congress of Cities? It is often difficult to justify to your voters; it is even more difficult to defend in the press. But, attending the Congress of Cities simply makes good sense. The opportunity to learn, share and exchange great ideas with your colleagues at the conference helps bring professionalism to local government.

The 1993 member program committee, made up of 25 of your colleagues from around the country, encourages every delegate attending the conference to pick up at least ore "great idea" they can share back home. In your conference packet will be a "Great Ideas Notebook." Use it to collect the great ideas that all moderators and panelists will be asked to bring with them. There is a tremendous amount of experience and expertise awaiting you at the 70th Annual Congress of Cities.

Constituency, Affiliate

and Advisory Group Meetings

Cities aren't all alike - and neither are local officials. NLC's constituency, affiliate, and advisory groups represent a number of special interests within the wide range of cities and local officials that make up the National League of Cities. Among these groups are the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC/LEO), Women in Municipal Government (WIMG), Hispanic Elected Local Officials (HELO), Asian Pacific American Municipal Officials (APAMO), University Communities Caucus (UCC), and Capital Cities Caucus. Many of these groups will hold business meetings, seminars, or social events during the Congress of Cities. Some of these events will be open to anyone registered for the Congress of Cities, while others will be open only to members of the group.

Special Sessions

For Small (SC)

While most cities share the same basic problems, we know that what is a run-of-the-mill problem for a large city can be a crisis for a small one. A big fire, an almost daily occurrence in large cities, can be a disaster for a small one. The loss of one business, a pin prick in the economy of a small city, can paralyze the economy of a small town.

Although nearly all workshops deal with issues that relate to cities of all sizes, workshops have been designed specifically for small cities. Those workshops are marked with the special Small Cities symbol, (SC) The Small Cities Council will also meet during the Congress of Cities.

National Black Caucus of

Local Elected Officials

On the attached registration form you have an opportunity to pay the annual membership dues, and sign up and pay for the Orlando conference activities being planned for NBC-LEO members. Please check off the appropriate fees on the registration form and include payment with the full conference fee. The Membership fee structure is: $50 Regular Member; $75 Associate Member; $150 Supporting Member. The NBC-LEO conference activities fee is $100.

Hispanic Elected

Local Officials

You may pay your 1994 annual dues of $35 on the attached registration form, as well as $65 for conference activities and events. Please check off the appropriate fees on the registration form and include payment with the full conference fee.

State Municipal

League Meetings

Many state municipal leagues hold meetings and receptions for their delegates attending the Congress of Cities. For information on the time and place of any meeting planned for your state delegation, consult your state league executive director.

Spouse and Youth

The City of Orlando is planning an exciting calendar of activities and events for spouses and youth attending the 70th Annual Congress of Cities. In addition to unique tours that only Orlando can offer, a series of seminars dealing with such issues as financial planning and sexual harassment in the work-place are being planned. Look for a complete description of tours and a registration form in your delegate confirmation.
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Author:Ferring, Diane
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Aug 23, 1993
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