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Get out of that back room today.


I have a lot of respect for Karl Kuhn and the job he does in the telecommunications department at Pratt & Whitney, the jet-engine manufacturer.

His telecomm department is one of the best in the business. His team works closely with P&W's departments and customers to use telecommunications to achieve corporate objectives. In a highly competitive industry, where real-time communications is a must, Karl's department makes a real difference.

Karl is a savvy, proactive telecomm guy who has successfully positioned himself as a management-team member. He plays an active role in his company's successes and its future plans.

Unfortunately, as telecomm managers go, Karl Kuhn is an exception.

Over the years, through Telco Research, my former company, and the ICA, I've had the pleasure of getting to know hundreds of bright, hard-working telecomm professionals. They've freely shared with me their ups and downs as well as their excitements and frustrations.

Most telecomm managers, I've learned, are terribly hassled because their jobs are more reactive than proactive.

Instead of being on the corporate front line, where they can implement new technologies and plan for their company's future, they're relegated to the back room and mired in mundane problems. That's a sad waste of talent.

What's Your Move?

If you're a telecomm manager you have two choices: you can sit idly by, accept your fate, and wait for retirement; or you can get out of the back room and show your company how you can help it succeed.

I have identified and developed six principles which will help telecomm professionals develop the skills and strategies necessary for success in today's business world.

By utilizing my entrepreneurial concepts of discovery, employee liberation, value-added thinking, working smartest, and partnering, today's telecomm manager will develop credibility. Credibility, as you will see, is the critical element; it positions you to play an integral role in your company's business.

Over the next year in this column, I will introduce my principles and offer concrete examples of their application in the real world.

I will share with you the stories of successful telecommunications managers, like Karl Kuhn at Pratt & Whitney and Gus Bender at Traveler's Insurance, who are respected members of their company's management team.

You will learn how they manage their jobs and how they became members of the corporate team.

I hope you will take the time to share your stories with me. When you use telecommunications to proactively solve a problem for your business, I want to hear about it. If you're stuck in that reactive mode I mentioned, I want to hear about that too.
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Title Annotation:Entrepreneurial Telecommunications; telecommunications management style
Author:Jewett, Jim
Publication:Communications News
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Date:Oct 1, 1990
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