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Get orf my land! You Say

.WE''RE all in it together? Just as the government is condemning the 'benefits culture'', with some families jobless for generations, out comes a new study on land ownership.

PLEASE, please letters page football fans? I amfed bickering.Why not related letters on there are enough of the letters page to more important MaryWesthead, Country Life has just completed the most extensive land survey since 1872. In the nineteenth century half of the land was owned by the aristocracy, a century later and 36,000 of them still own one-third. There is a smaller core group of 1,200 that have extensive land holdings and the top 10 owned over 1 million acres.

Despite an expensive education some of them left school with minimal qualifications. You might ask the question - how did the aristocracy gain all that land? They acquired it through force of arms, in some cases dating back to the Norman invasion and then between the fifteenth century and the early nineteenth century they just stole it by enclosing the common land.

Nowthere is the 'inheritance culture''where some of them haven''t worked for several generations.Do they need some back-to-work interviews? Finally, amongst the largest landowners it''s interesting to see the Scots, the Buccleuchs, Atholls, Seafields and Sutherlands.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century they consolidated their wealth by expelling their tenants and populating the land with sheep - the notorious Highland Clearances. Puts a new twist on that old saying - 'Get Orf My Land!'' R. Knights, L12
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 17, 2010
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