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January DANCE MAGAZINE Video of the Month

Congratulations to "Static Electricity," winner of January's Video of the Month contest! The film features New York City Ballet's Ask la Cour and flamenco dancer Selene Munoz in a duet set against the New York City skyline.

What's on Your Mind?

In our February issue, Houston Ballet's Connor Walsh shared his perspective on dating outside the dance world. Readers weighed in on the pros and cons:

"Loved Connor's take on dating. Not only is he an incredible dancer/actor, he has maturity and a great sense for life and the people in it!"

--Lace Milligan via Facebook

"Can be difficult either way. If you date a non-dancer it's hard for them to really get you, and if you date a dancer it can affect your work." ,

--Matina Banks (@BlackSwanAdv) via Twitter

"It's hit or miss. I know dance partners who are soul mates and others who'd bring personal issues into the studio. Not for me!"

--L.A. Kilpatrick (@LAKilpatrick) via Twitter

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Publication:Dance Magazine
Date:Apr 1, 2015
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