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Get involved now in Association leadership: nominations being accepted for APHA committees, boards.

APHA members who want to help guide the Association in its public health mission are now being sought for leadership roles.

APHA's boards and committees, which address a range of public health and Association issues, are seeking new members. The groups that are in need of new members include high-profile bodies such as the Action Board, Science Board and American Journal of Public Health Editorial Board.

Because APHA is a member-driven organization, committee and board members are responsible for important Association decisions, such as charting a course for implementing APHA policies, advising on member recruitment, selecting award winners and overseeing books published by APHA. More details on duties, requirements and time commitments for each group or position are available on the APHA Web site.

To be considered for service on APHA boards or committees, APHA members can nominate themselves or others. All nominees must be current APHA members and appointments will be made in the fall.

New committee and board members will begin their terms of service at the close of APHA's 135th Annual for leadership roles. Meeting, which will be held Nov. 3-7 in Washington, D.C.

Nominations sought for APHA offices

APHA members interested in serving in the Association's highest offices are also being encouraged to step forward and submit themselves for consideration.

APHA will be holding elections in 2007 for its president-elect, three vice presidents and three positions on the Executive Board. In addition, the APHA treasurer and speaker of the Governing Council will be up for election in 2007.

APHA's Nominating Committee will officially decide the nomination slate, but members are encouraged to suggest people--either themselves or others--for consideration.

All elected APHA officers must be able to commit for a full term of service: The presidency requires three years in office, with one year as president-elect, one as president and one as immediate past president. The three vice presidents--representing the United States, Canada and Latin America--serve for one year, while Executive Association leadership Board members serve for four years. The treasurer and speaker of the Governing Council each serve three-year terms.

Except for the vice presidents for Canada and Latin America, all officer candidates must be APHA members. Full information on duties and responsibilities of elected APHA officers can be accessed online at < nationlinks/>.

The Nominating Committee's election slate for officers will be published in The Nation's Health during the summer, after which members will have a chance to nominate by petition. The Governing Council will elect officers at APHA's 135th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

All suggestions for officers as well as board and committee members, which must include a nomination form and a CV or resume, must be received by Friday, March 30. Information will only be accepted via e-mail and should be sent to <natalie.raynor@apha. org>.

For full details on committees and boards, information on how to submit nominations or to download the nomination form, visit <www.>.

For more information, e-mail <natalie.raynor@> or call (202) 777-2433.

APHA boards, committees open for leadership appointments

Action Board (nine positions available, three-year terms)--formulates, plans, organizes and implements Association policies and an annual legislative program.

American Journal of Public Health Editorial Board (five positions available, three-year terms)--provides broad oversight and recommendations to the AJPH editor-in-chief and managing editor on APHA's monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Annual Meeting Program Planning Committee (five positions, one-year terms)--adds expertise to APHA Annual Meeting program and theme.

Awards Committee (four positions available, two-year terms)--focuses on APHA's Sedgwick Medal and Award for Excellence.

Committee on Affiliates (five positions, two-year terms)--represents APHA's state and regional Affiliates.

Committee on Membership (chair position, one-year term)--advises APHA Membership Department on membership retention and recruitment efforts.

Committee on Women's Rights (two positions, three-year terms)--concerned with women's rights, including a focus on gender inequities in health care and health policy.

Constitution and By-Laws Committee (two positions, three-year terms)--considers and makes recommendations on proposed changes to the APHA Constitution or By-Laws.

Education Board (five positions, three-year terms)--works with APHA learning and professional development program staff to maintain professional knowledge and increase technical proficiencies of members.

Equal Health Opportunity Committee (three positions, three-year terms)--focuses on affirmative action issues with APHA and public health.

International Human Rights Committee (five positions, two-year terms)--advises on international human rights concerns.

Martha May Eliot Award Committee (two positions, threeyear terms)--focuses on APHA's annual Martha May Eliot Award.

Publications Board (four positions, three-year terms)--oversees all books developed and published through APHA.

Science Board (five positions, three-year terms)--ensures that all APHA policy statements are evidence-based.

The Nation's Health Advisory Committee (three positions, two-year terms)--advises the editorial staff of The Nation's Health newspaper on issues such as editorial content, design and the newspaper's Web site.
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