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Get back to school.

1. Make faking notes in class Fun. Spice up your notebook or binder with cool art and stickers.

2. Got First-day jitters? Ask your mom, dad, or older siblings what to expect on your first day of school.

3. Don't baffle your alarm clock this year! Practice good sleeping habits to prepare for a Fresh new day.

4. First time riding the school bus? Ask your parents to fake you on a ride on the city bus. Discuss bus rules, safety tips, and routes.

5. So, you're a bus-riding pro? Try sifting with someone you don't know and make a new Friend. Make a bus ride playlist of great songs like the ones on our Musical Notes playlist. First ask your bus driver if listening to music is OK.

6. Pack a picnic a Few times the week before school starts to practice packing nutritious meals For school lunch. Brighten up your lunch by adding colorful Fruits and vegetables.

7. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you are the new kid in school. If you see someone new who needs help, offer your advice.

8. Set your clothes out the night before to make getting ready For school quick and easy.

9. Eat breakfast! This is the most important meal of the day and will give you energy all day long.

10. Try something new! Join an after-school activity or club. Meet kids who share the same interests as you.

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