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Get a move on MAK.

Another site which uses animation is that of MAK at The London practice had a bit of a contretemps last month. There is no mention of this in the 'news' section but at the time it announced that its members were going their own ways. Whatever, click on 'Collaborators' and there is a burly Ken Mackay in a black t-shirt and trainers making a series of expressive but ultimately baffling gestures. On the other side is a similarly attired Stephen Archer. Well probably it's Archer. But he's stock still, arms crossed, clutching his shoulders as though he has just come out of a big deep freeze. Hey guys, has MAK re-formed as the collaboration of your two practices? And when will Stephen Archer get moving?
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Title Annotation:Mak Architects, services
Publication:The Architectural Review
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Date:May 1, 2004
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