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Get a leg up on soccer.

Want to get a real kick out of soccer? Exercising your quadriceps (KWAD-ri-seps) muscle is the key. (The quadriceps is the large muscle on the front of your upper leg.) You'll make sharper passes and harder goal kicks by practicing these isometric (i-so-MET-rik) leg extensions. Here's how.

1. Face forward in a chair with enough room for you to pull your foot up beneath your bottom.

2. Hold your legs out straight, but don't lock your knees.

3. Squeeze your right quadricep, then bend your left knee and pull your left heel up toward your bottom. Repeat thirty times in thirty seconds; if you can't do thirty, do as many as you can. Remember to keep that right thigh muscle squeezed tight.

4. Switch legs.

You can do this exercise every day! Try to add one leg bend every day until you get to thirty.

Remember to stretch before and after exercising.

* Stand behind your chair and grab it with your left hand.

* Lift your right heel toward your bottom and grab the ankle with your right hand.

* Pull up gently until you feel your right thigh muscle stretch. Hold for at least fifteen seconds. Relax and continue to breathe.

* Repeat with your left leg.

Muscle Hustle

You don't have to lift weights to get stronger. Isometric exercises work one muscle against another so they both get stronger. Try pushing your hands together in front of your chest for another isometric workout.
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