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Get a grip. (Junior Division).

The purpose of this project is to culture a variety of bacteria on a number of different door handles. The quantity and kinds of bacteria found on them will be determined using nutrient agar and Mac Conkey Agar, and stained using gram positive and safranin stains. I hypothesize that there will be more bacteria on the toilet handles then on any other handles and that the door handles going into the bathrooms will have more bacteria then the door handles going out of the bathrooms. The handles from the twelve locations were swabbed using nutrient agar and Mac Conkey agar. The petri dishes were placed in the incubator. The bacteria were observed. The bacteria off the nutrient agar were transferred onto slides to be observed. The slides were stained with crystal violet, safranin, and gram iodine, and the bacteria were observed under a composite light microscope. When analyzing the nutrient agar test and Mac Conkey media combined, the toilet handles' from all of the locations had the largest number of colonies for that location. The inside door handle's came in second, having the second largest number of bacteria colonies overall.

Darrick R. Ohr, Woodlin School.
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Title Annotation:bacteria from door handles
Author:Ohr, Darrick R.
Publication:Journal of the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science
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Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Apr 1, 2002
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