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Get Your Copy of the New Securitisation Workbook for Issuers, Arrangers and Investors.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Securitisation: For Issuers, Arrangers and Investors, 2nd Edition to their offering.

This workbook is a practical introduction to the key principles of securitisation and includes important new material on this rapidly expanding market.

Despite the apparent complexity surrounding the market, there are common principles underlying these diverse sectors and the workbook conveys the key ideas to readers in a concise, manageable format.

With this workbook you will:

--understand the issues affecting borrowers, investors, regulators, and arrangers

--have a thorough grounding in the relevant rating agency, legal, tax and accounting issues

--understand how to apply sophisticated securitisation techniques such as CDOs and synthetic securitisations.

Who Should Read This?



--Insurance executives



--Structured financiers


--Risk managers

Content Overview:

--Introduction and the issuer's perspective

--The rating agency's approach

--Credit enhancement, structural issues and cash flow analysis

--Collateralised debt obligations and synthetic securitisation structures

--Legal and regulatory considerations

--Tax issues

--Accounting issues

--The trustee's perspective.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 17, 2006
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