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Get Smartcard spy mission to be the "hit of the show" at Netscape's DevCon; Seven leading Internet companies demonstrate interoperable security solutions.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 10, 1997--Consensus Development Corporation, Intel, Litronic Inc., Netscape Communications Corporation, RSA Data Security, Inc., Schlumberger, and VeriSign, Inc. today announced "The Get Smartcard Demo," a joint "spy mission" demonstration illustrating the interoperability of various security applications with smart cards and Netscape(R) Communicator.

The interactive demo allows each DevCon attendee to activate a crypto-enabled smart card and use it to enable privacy, authentication, document signing, and non-repudiation through industry-standard certificate and security protocols as part of The Get Smartcard Demo.

The demo provides an end-to-end implementation that incorporates smart card capable devices, tools and applications, driving the next-generation of secure intranet and Internet communications. Demo participants are "premier agents" in a fictional spy mission using smart cards at several vendor stations to collect clues and recover a package code-named "The Communicator."

Demo participants will load X.509v3 certificates on crypto-enabled smart cards, and will interact with the demo through mutually authenticated SSL connections and document signing. In addition, the smart cards will be used to store data, which will be tracked by fully independent applications to demonstrate the multi-application capabilities of smart card technologies.

The demo provides the opportunity for users to experience the portability and physical security of a private "key" protected token.

The Get Smartcard Demo includes the use of Schlumberger's Cryptoflex smart card with Netscape(R) Communicator and VeriSign Demo Digital IDs(SM). Using Consensus' Cert Plus toolkit and Litronic's CryptOS interface and smart card readers, the online demo applications have been tightly integrated with the smart card.

The demo is run on Intel Pentium(R) Processors and the underlying cryptographic technologies are based on standards developed by RSA.


Consensus Development's SSL Plus and Cert Plus toolkits give organizations and developers the ability to easily integrate X.509v3 certificates into their networked applications, providing flexible authentication, privacy, and authorization.

"Consensus Development is proud to participate in a demo of working smart card and digital certificate technologies," said Christopher Allen, CTO of Consensus Development Corporation. "Get Smartcard uses our Cert Plus toolkit in combination with our partners' technologies to demonstrate the power of smartcards in real world applications."


Intel will be showing how PCs can be made more secure through a demonstration of smart card readers attached to PCs. Intel's Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA), a proposed Open Group Standard, is used as an Application Program Interface with smart card readers and other security hardware and software that businesses will soon use to protect their PC networks.

"Intel is pleased to be working with Netscape and others to incorporate CDSA into their future products. CDSA is the first open extensible security architecture that has been widely reviewed and accepted by the industry. We believe CDSA provides an open, standards-based approach to security that is critical to the growth of Internet commerce, PC communications and more secure digital content for the PC," said Craig Kinnie, VP, GM Internet & Communications Group.


Litronic performed the integration of security components for this demo by leveraging industry-leading open multiplatform security middleware toolkits and smart card technology.

"Litronic is pleased to showcase its NetSign(TM) and CryptOS(TM) secure smart card integration products in conjunction with Netscape Communicator as part of this world-class demo," stated Eric Greenberg, Litronic Chief Operating Officer.

"Using the Intel CDSA security model, SSL, S/MIME, Object Signing, VeriSign certificates, and RSA Public Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) in conjunction with the Netscape ONE platform, Litronic brings practical, manageable security solutions now to the enterprise, the financial community, and the Internet at large."


The Get Smartcard Demo will showcase Netscape Communicator, the open email, groupware and browser suite shipping at DevCon. Netscape Communicator is token-enabled and provides certificate portability through key partners such as Chrysalis-ITS, Datakey, Litronic and VeriSign.

"With the Get Smartcard demonstration, developers can see the powerful combination of Netscape's security solutions and our partners' leading edge products in action," said Bob Lisbonne, Vice President of Client Product Marketing at Netscape. "The Netscape Security API integrates security standards including SSL, S/MIME, Object Signing, pluggable cryptography and in the future will incorporate the Intel CDSA API."


RSA's toolkits and technologies form the foundation of the privacy and authentication for the information in The Get Smartcard Demo.

"RSA is pleased to be providing the underlying cryptography for this smart card event," said Jim Bidzos, president of RSA Data Security, Inc. "The integration of RSA's crypto tools and technologies into this end-to-end security solution, demonstrates the versatility and flexibility of RSA encryption for a broad range of applications that require privacy and authentication."


Smart cards are ideal for network security applications because they provide both increased security and portability for storing digital certificates and private keys. Schlumberger's Cryptoflex smart cards, when loaded with VeriSign's X.509 certificates, provide portability and allow security via SSL mutual authentication. Plus, the user's private key is never revealed outside the card.

Housing an on-board math co-processor, the card performs cryptographic calculations in a fraction of the time it takes normal microprocessor smart cards.

"Establishing trust is one of the most important requirements of Internet and intranet users today," commented James J. Davis, vice president and general manager of Schlumberger Smart Cards and Systems, North America. "Smart cards and digital certificates provide the solution, easily and cost-effectively. As part of The Get Smart Card demonstration, our Cryptoflex smart cards are in great company."


Digital IDs provide a trusted means of authenticating the identity of each party in an electronic transaction. Digital IDs on smart cards allow users to securely log on to networks providing the portability and physical security of a user's identity. This portable digital authentication enables users to securely access information anywhere, anytime with high levels of security.

"We're excited to be a part of this demonstration and look forward to helping consumers access the Internet from anywhere in the world," said Stratton Sclavos, president and CEO of VeriSign. "Digital IDs and their corresponding digital signatures can now be stored on a physical smart card which provides an added level of security and portability."

CONTACT: Consensus

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Maggie Young, 415/937-2370



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Environics Communications for Schlumberger

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Blanc & Otus for VeriSign

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Date:Jun 10, 1997
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