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Get More By Going Digital.

If you're still receiving the traditional, printed version of PN magazine each month, consider switching to the digital version and get more out of your subscription.

Switching your PN subscription to the digital version offers a host of extra benefits, including:

* Get each issue up to seven days quicker than by mail

* Always have the latest issue right at hand via any mobile device

* See videos and additional photos related to the article you're reading

* Zoom in on any article for easier reading

* Easily link to websites related to an article or advertisement

* Save some trees

* Remove the clutter of old magazines sitting around the house

* Save yourself some money, since a digital subscription is cheaper than the printed one

* Save Paralyzed Veterans of America some money on printing and mailing costs

To take advantage of these extra benefits by switching to digital PN, send your email address to Suzi Hubbard at

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Title Annotation:pva points
Publication:PN - Paraplegia News
Date:Jan 1, 2020
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