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Get Involved--Join a Committee.

Each year at the Annual Conference, the Chair or Co-chairs of ACEI's 19 standing committees meet with the members of the Executive Board. The purpose of these meetings, which are both formal and informal, is to review reporting procedures, discuss items of common concern, and give committee leaders the opportunity to network with each other. The Executive Board also uses this time to review ACEI's Strategic Plan, highlighting significant goals and objectives on which the Board believes the Association should focus its resources.

The Executive Board relies heavily on this input from the committees, and on member surveys, the Town Meeting, and Annual Conference open forums to identify emerging issues and key topics that concern the membership. The Board uses this information to develop the Strategic Goals for the Association for the coming year and beyond. Committees, in turn, develop their own "action plans" whereby they decide on specific committee objectives that are intended to help the Association fulfill its Strategic Goals and, in the process, further ACEI's mission. The 1999-2000 Strategic Plan has four broad goals:

1. Promote ACEI's mission and work in the global community

2. Promote ACEI's long-standing commitment to the whole child and the whole curriculum

3. Sustain ACEI's leadership role in ensuring excellence in the education of children, birth through early adolescence

4. Support ACEI's unique leadership role, ensuring excellence in teacher education.

The above process is obviously dependent on having strong committee involvement. I urge all members who are interested in serving on a committee to contact Headquarters for an application or brochure. A list of all committees, complete with a description of committee responsibilities, will be published in the Spring 2000 issue of the ACEI Exchange. We have two new committees that were approved by the Executive Board last spring: the Week of the Classroom Teacher Committee and the Technology Committee.

The Committee reports that were presented to the Executive Board at the 1999 Annual Conference in San Antonio were exceptionally promising. I think it is exciting to learn about the many ways the various committees are working to strengthen the Association and make it a more effective voice for children. For example, to achieve the goal of helping to promote ACEI's work in the global community, many committees are planning to sponsor and/or promote global roundtables or other special sessions at the 2000 Annual Conference and at meetings abroad. Other committees are working to promote ACEI's involvement as an NGO member of the United Nations. Still other committees are exploring ways to facilitate and encourage the sharing of information via the Internet and through ACEI publications.

To fulfill ACEI's commitment to the development of the whole child, the use of printed materials again plays a key role. Nine committees have columns in the ACEI Exchange or other newsletters. New publications also have been proposed as well as conference presentations that promote a better understanding of the "whole child" and the "whole curriculum."

Development of position papers, more collaborative publishing efforts with other professional organizations, use of new technology, and maintaining strong leadership at all levels of the organization are some of the ways that committees believe ACEI can sustain its leadership role in the education of children.

To help sustain and promote ACEI's leadership role, ensuring excellence in teacher education, there is strong committee support of ACEI's commitment to the development of national standards for the preparation of elementary and early childhood teachers. Position papers, collaboration with other professional organizations, and new publications top committee lists of "things to do."

I hope that more of you will consider joining a committee. We are particularly in need of members for our newest committee, the Week of the Classroom Teacher Committee. Working together, we can make a difference.

In closing, I want to wish all of you, on behalf of the entire Headquarters staff, a wonderful holiday season. Take care.

--Jerry Odland, Executive Director


2000 ACEI Election--Remember To Cast Your Ballot

ACEI has a strong slate of candidates for the 2000 election. A ballot and information about the nominees for President-Elect (Nancy Quisenberry and M. J. Savaiano), Vice President Representing Intermediate/ Middle Childhood (Jeanie Burnett and Blanche Desjean-Perotta), and Student Representative (Judit Szente and Lauren Ventimiglia) were mailed to all members on record as of November 1, 1999. Any address changes received at Headquarters before October 31 were reflected in the mailing. Completed ballots must be postmarked by January 15, 2000. The independent accounting firm of William Batdorf & Company will tabulate the results. ACEI is your organization and its elected leaders represent your interests. Help give ACEI a stronger voice for children by casting your ballot today.

2001 Election Around the Corner

It is not too early to start thinking about the 2001 Executive Board election for the office of Member-At-Large. The most active members of ACEI make the best leaders. ACEI Branches and committees are encouraged to nominate candidates. Self-nominations are also welcome. Contact Headquarters for applications.

--Jerry Odland, Executive Director
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