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Get Instant Email Notification on the iPhone with iPriorityMail.

iPhone App from Ahlquist Software and Bulls-eye Studios Immediately Alerts Users with New Email and Social Networking Notifications

VENICE, Calif. -- Ahlquist Software and Bulls-eye Studios today introduced iPriorityMail, a powerful email management tool for the iPhone 3G and 3GS that delivers immediate pop-up and ringtone notifications for important emails and messages received via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Perfect for iPhone users tired of continually checking their iPhone when expecting important emails or messages from their favorite social networking sites, whether personal or business, iPriorityMail keeps users instantly informed.

With iPriorityMail, users no longer have to wait for their iPhone to load to receive email notifications. iPriorityMail can connect with up to three email accounts and easily allows users to specify the important emails they want to receive along with the ability to customize the alerts for those emails. When a new email is received, iPriorityMail notifies users the instant they received an email from one of their priority contacts. As well, users can schedule repeat notifications so they do not miss messages when they are away from their iPhone. iPriorityMail uses SSL by default for both IMAP and POP3 email servers, which protects the security of the user's personal data.

iPriorityMail's social media integration allows users to easily reply back to messages and launch into their Facebook and LinkedIn apps (Facebook and LinkedIn will default to their webpage if their respective app isn't installed), while Twitter will launch users directly through Safari.

"We have a lot planned for iPriorityMail over the next year and are dedicated to improving the iPhone experience," said Scot Kramarich, founder of Bulls-eye Studios. "We added Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter integration so our users could stay on top of their social media networks by knowing instantly when someone sends them a message. We think this, combined with the iPriorityMail's strong business application, provides for a much needed solution on the iPhone."

iPriorityMail is available as a 30-day trial on the Apple iTunes App Store at ( and is $0.99/month thereafter. There is no contract and users can cancel anytime.

Key Features

* Compatibility - Receive email push notifications for any IMAP or POP3 account (hotmail, gmail, MobileMe, Godaddy, etc.)

* Easy-to-use - Automatically syncs with users' email accounts

* Customizable - Tag important contacts with a particular ringtone (Quiet/Silent mode also available)

* Selection - Up to 30 ringtones to choose from with plans to add many more

* Keep it organized - Easily keep on top of the most important recent emails with summary page that feeds from all connected email accounts

* Convenience - Displays subject and first line of email

* Socially responsive - Users know instantly when someone sends them a message through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

* User friendly - Instantly reply back to important emails with the press of a "button"

* Alerts - Critical emails can be flagged to repeat until user shuts it off

* Superior scrolling function - Quickly search for the most important contacts

* Voiceovers Alerts - Allow you to clearly identify specific emails by assigning voiceover ringtones.

About Ahlquist Software and Bulls-eye Studios

Ahlquist Software, a video game software developer based in St. Louis, MO, and Bulls-eye Studios, a tech company based in Venice, CA, are strategic partners working together to create quality games and applications for multiple platforms. Joint development projects include iPhone applications such as iPriorityMail, with future updates and other products planned. For more information, visit
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Date:Feb 3, 2010
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