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Get Connected Girlfriend! (GL Fashion/Beauty).

What to wear for a family party.

THE CHALLENGE: It's your parent's annual holiday bash. It's going to be family, your parents' friends, your friends, everybody! But can you please Granny and still be true to your style?

THE LOOK: You don't want to look like Daddy's little girl, but you can still come off stylish yet appropriate to meet and greet. Lucky for you there's a major fashion trend involving anything vintage-inspired. This sheer lace top ($36) from Wet Seal, couldn't be more adorable when layered over your LBD and finished off with a cameo brooch ($5) by Amici Accessories. A large jeweled butterfly ring ($5) from Claire's Accessories flatters party-pretty nails in classic red. Crochet tights ($12) from Macy's. Mesh with velvet Mary Janes ($60) by Chinese Laundry.

What is wear is your BFFs Christmas party

THE CHALLENGE: You've been counting down the days to your BFF's holiday bash. And, as your gift, she invited your crush! How can you knock his Christmas socks off without looking too revealing?

THE LOOK: Try slipping that LBD over a pair of slinky sparkle jersey pants ($29) from Wet Seal. Expose your Christmas tree pedicure with strappy silver sandals ($50) by Chinese Laundry. Let this shimmery red Lurex fringed scarf ($13) by Amici Accessories, sub for a necklace. Finish it off by putting the jingle in your jangle with rhinestone bangles ($8 for set of three) from Wet Seal.

What a wear to a holiday dance

THE CHALLENGE: You want to wear something cute, festive and flashy. How can you be a funky but functional dancing queen?

THE LOOK: Amaze your friends with your fashion savvy by making this fabulous fringed beaded shawl ($50) by Young Essence do double duty. Please your parents by wearing it out of the house like a shawl. But when you get to the dance and the DJ starts spinnin', that shawl morphs your LBD into a dazzling dance dress! Here's how: Hold the shawl flat against your back, then grab each end and make an X across your chest. Wrap and tie the ends around your neck. Presto! Fishnets ($6) and a groovy eternity bracelet ($7) both from Claire's Accessories enhance the exotic flavor.

What to wear for New year's Ere

THE CHALLENGE: It's your night to go all out, have fun, party and look outrageous but not costume stupid. How can you be the hit of the night, showoff your style but not look like a Halloween leftover?

THE LOOK: A fitted glitter turtleneck ($18) from Macy's, layered underneath your LBD gives it a whole new funky appeal. Wear a wide leather sash belt ($20) from Wet Seal, low on the hips. Bring out your inner J Lo and bat fake silver lashes under a flashy fedora ($50) by Goorin Bros. An initial necklace ($5) from Claire's Accessories (don't pick your initial, maybe your crush's?) will keep them guessing. And what diva wouldn't be caught at the big countdown without a pair of wicked knee-high stretch platform boots ($75) by Chinese Laundry?

GET THE LOOK: Pat your hair with a smoothing serum, and then brush straight back into a ponytail positioned in the middle of your head. Take the end of the tail and pull it toward your forehead, bending it forward. Secure the ponytail to your head halfway to your forehead, using one bobby pin on either side and one in the middle. Flip the ends of the ponytail back, and curl them under. Finish with a medium hold spray like Salon Selectives Sit Still.

Keep your eyes pretty but not plain by brushing a shimmery beige from your lid to crease. Highlight your brow-bone with frosty white. Use a soft bronze-y blush on your cheeks, and highlight with some gold powder. Finish lips with pretty, deep bronze pink. Nails get a fun shot of sparkly red polish.

GET THE LOOK: Set dry, smooth hair in eight hot rollers. To make waves, start with the two-inch section closest to your part, at the front of your head. Roll the section, wrapping your ends under the roller. Then take the next two-inch chunk, working your way down your face, and wrap the roller upwards bending your ends out and over the roller. Wrap the final bottom section by wrapping your ends under the roller. Roll the rest of your hair in the remaining five rollers, wrapping ends under the roller. Let cool, and remove rollers. Brush gently, and smooth fly-aways with Terax Original Gloss. Pull back one side, and secure with jeweled bobby pins.

Get flirty eyes by using frosty pale silver eye shadow from lashline to browbone, and then shade the crease of your eye with smoky silver-gray. Curl your lashes, and add a couple coats of mascara. Finish your eyes by lining your top lid with a thin strip of black eyeliner. Apply a soft blush to the apples of your cheeks. Finish the look by glossing your lips in sparkly pink.

The fun Christmas tree pedicure is easy. Start with a coat of white polish, and let dry. Then, top with a coat of clear, glittery polish. Carefully place 10 green rhinestones (buy them at craft or beauty supply stores) with a damp orangewood stick. Start with four for the bottom row, then three, then two, then one. Let dry, and finish with a protective topcoat.

GET THE LOOK: This up 'do is easier than it looks. Start by sectioning off a one-inch horizontal chunk around your head in the front. Clip off to one side. Take remaining hair and make a ponytail, Twist into a bun, and secure with hair pins. Unclip the section you made at the front and, working in 1/2- to 1-inch sections, twist and knot each section. Pull the knot taut, close to your head, and wrap the ends around the bun, securing with pins. Repeat around the front of your head. Insert chopsticks (no totally crossing them, please; the geisha look is out).

Dark dance floors mean eyes can look smoky and mysterious. Use a rosy brown from lashline to crease, lining your lower lashline, as well (use a small eyelining brush). Then line your eyes with charcoal gray liner, top and bottom (close your eye and place a finger close to your brow to lift your eye and make it taut. Line your eye from the inner corner out, in one smooth line, close to your lashes). Highlight browbone with frosty white. Lips get a rosy brown shine with extra gloss on top. Accent shoulder with a shimmery body cream.

GET THE LOOK: Gotta love hats! Just throw your hair into a smooth ponytail, secure with a silver elastic, and then throw on your fedora.

To do your eyes, start by applying silver glitter shadow over the whole eye. Then add wild lashes. We used a fake silver pair but you can also use fake rhinestone ones (very Christina) or some J Lo fake fox ones. Start by peeling the lash off its base, and then hold it up to your eye. Whatever overlaps your natural lashline, trim off. Apply a thin stripe of glue (we prefer the surgical adhesive Duo to the stuff in the kits). Let dry until sticky, and then apply lash, starting with the middle, and flatten both ends. Keep eye closed until dry, about 30 seconds. Use the end of a Q-tip to make adjustments. Add a little silver liner if you want. On lips, use a sheer plum lipstick, and top with a silver glitter gloss. Legs get a shot of silver glitter body spray, so you can shine into the New Year!
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