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Gestapo or benefactor?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is becoming militantly assertive in carrying out some edicts that it considers of compelling importance. The public is witnessing an agency fiercely determined, an attitude not usually associated with FDA enforcement.

The object of the FDA's wrath is the vitamin-mineral business as conducted by health-food stores and manufacturers of vitamin and mineral supplements. The charge is that recently instituted laws dealing with truth-in-labeling are being violated. Alternative treatment doctors and clinics have been invaded by armed representatives of the FDA. Inventory, records and "evidence" of transgression seized.

The FDA is being compared to the Nazi Gestapo by its victims, lauded as benefactors by the leading medical association and other critics of unregulated vitamin and mineral sales in large potencies.

The nation's press and television news reporting departments have taken little note of the raids and whatever portents are in store for freedom of an open market in health care products.

The possibility is that regulations forbidding the sale of a vitamin C tablet over 60 milligrams (the official RDA) will require a prescription. Vitamin A, over 50 international units, may become verboten (although a carrot contains as much as 30,000 units).

In many respects the FDA has been a blessing for the consumer. Its current campaign, in the name of regulating health claims, however, has roused multitudes into rage, an anger that many say is justified in the tradition of a free people's rally to oppose limitation of rights.
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Title Annotation:Food and Drug Administration
Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Jun 22, 1992
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