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A 'Baal Teshuvah' Takes the Stage. Oct 16, 2018 143
Today on Jewcy: A satirical thriller of culinary mayhem in Israel. Jun 21, 2018 126
Strong Night for Jewish Shows, Artists at the Tonys. Jun 11, 2018 189
Strong Night for Jewish Shows, Artists at the Tonys. Jun 11, 2018 189
Today on Jewcy: Check out the trailer for 'Operation Finale'. Jun 7, 2018 104
Today on Jewcy: Jackie Hoffman is Yenta, because... of course she is. May 15, 2018 108
Today on Jewcy: Jackie Hoffman is Yenta, because... of course she is. May 15, 2018 108
The Genesis Plays Bring Biblical Heroes and Contemporary Issues to Stage. May 14, 2018 114
The Genesis Plays Bring Biblical Heroes and Contemporary Issues to Stage. May 14, 2018 114
Today on Jewcy: The pop star's boyfriend made a film about Jewfros, and Ariana Grande went to his seder. May 10, 2018 127
'Angels in America,' 'The Band's Visit' fare excellently. May 1, 2018 113
Today on Jewcy: An NPR podcast takes on Jewish identity... to mixed results. Apr 26, 2018 134
In Ambitious New Play, Scheherazade Tells of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Apr 20, 2018 177
Much Ado About Goldstein? Too Much, Maybe. Apr 9, 2018 146
Today on Jewcy: The star of 'The Band's Visit' accompanies herself on violin for "If I Were a Rich Man.". Apr 5, 2018 106
Today on Jewcy: What works of literature explore the Jewish affinity for America's pastime? Apr 3, 2018 150
Today on Jewcy: A recipe for when you're sick of French toast. Mar 27, 2018 105
Today on Jewcy: Watch the trailer for '6 Balloons,' telling the story of siblings and heroin addiction. Mar 14, 2018 107
In a New Play, Walking and Talking About Jews and Music. Feb 23, 2018 119
Today on Jewcy: An original poem. Feb 15, 2018 169
Israeli Start Up Strives to Make Broadway Theaters More Accessible to Patrons with Disabilities. Feb 8, 2018 147
Today on Jewcy: How Rod Serling's identity as a Jewish WWII vet shaped the iconic show. Feb 6, 2018 128
Today on Jewcy: You can win tickets! Jan 25, 2018 125
Today on Jewcy: Notorious punk wore swastikas, but Jews are having the last laugh. Jan 11, 2018 142
Today on Jewcy: A very Goop-y mazel tov! Jan 10, 2018 111
Today on Jewcy: In 'Looking Through Glass,' a modern retelling of the classic story. Jan 3, 2018 107
Today on Jewcy: From Lenny Bruce to ghost Hasids, 2017 brought us unbelievably Jewish moments on TV. Dec 21, 2017 114
Today on Jewcy: The culture of sexism ran deep in USY. Dec 20, 2017 180
Today on Jewcy: Elephants! Alexander! Assassinations! Dec 15, 2017 133
Hamilton It Isn't: The New Robert Moses Rock Opera Falls Flat. Dec 13, 2017 110
Today on Jewcy: Looking back on 'Full Court Miracle.'. Dec 12, 2017 109
Today on Jewcy: Don we now our chag apparel... oops. Dec 11, 2017 114
'Awake and Sing!,' in Yiddish. Dec 8, 2017 151
Today on Jewcy: Mark your calendars for December 28th for a movie, gifts, and more! Dec 7, 2017 110
Today on Jewcy: From 'A Serious Man' to 'Call Me By Your Name,' the Jewish actor is a star to watch. Dec 6, 2017 164
Today on Jewcy: How Ottolenghi's new dessert cookbook helped me ascend into a different plane of reality. Dec 4, 2017 134
Today on Jewcy: Sorry, Josh Gad... Nov 29, 2017 152
Today on Jewcy: Where does the new DC TV crossover line up with other alternative Jewish histories? Nov 27, 2017 177
Today on Jewcy: In Jaffa, happy hour for the menstruating. Nov 20, 2017 102
In New Play About Masada and Birthright, Everyone Is Shallow and Awful. The Play Is, Too. Nov 20, 2017 101
Today on Jewcy: When can you officially break out the latkes and dreidels? Nov 16, 2017 167
Today on Jewcy: Why Seth Cohen is still the iconic Jewish heartthrob. Nov 15, 2017 124
How the Shin Megami Tensei games make appropriating Jewish culture fun. Nov 10, 2017 107
New klezmer group Tsibele reminds us that we've been here before. Nov 6, 2017 120
Today on Jewcy: It's a lot more than their Bar Mitzvahs! Oct 31, 2017 175
Today on Jewcy: This monster has bunny ears. Oct 27, 2017 116
If You Like the Music at Brooklyn's Hippest Shul, Thank Abe Lincoln. Sep 27, 2017 164
New York's Hottest Indie Theater Show is About a Found Recording of a Jewish Family from the 1950s. Sep 26, 2017 202
Jewish Artist Jack Kirby Co-Created X-Men and Captain America. But What He Did Next Was Even Better. Aug 31, 2017 157
The Rabbi's Son Who Became a Marvel Superhero. Aug 22, 2017 267
New Dating Site Helps LGBTQ Jews Find Love, No Pictures Necessary. Aug 10, 2017 114
How An Israeli Folk Song Became a Hit on Japanese Video Game Soundtracks. Aug 8, 2017 108
My Own Private Tisha B'Av: Long Island. Aug 1, 2017 150
Mandy Patinkin Returns to Broadway! Jul 26, 2017 110
Come Read From the Torah! But First, What's Your Preferred Pronoun? Jul 12, 2017 133
Does The New York Times Obituary Section Have a Jewish Problem? Obituary Jul 10, 2017 133
This Week on Jewcy: Rabbinical Superheroes, Lots of Rainbows, Dating no-nos, Fran Drescher in a Mao Zedong skirt. Jun 29, 2017 126
Sasha Velour, Channeling Whitney Houston, Takes Home the Crown on 'RuPaul's Drag Race'. Jun 27, 2017 157
Meet Sasha Velour, the Only Jewish Finalist on 'RuPaul's Drag Race'. Jun 19, 2017 168
This Week on Jewcy: Jewish Contestants on 'The Bachelorette,' Zach Braff Gets a New TV Show, and More! May 25, 2017 128
How to Improve 'The Band's Visit' Before It Hits Broadway. May 25, 2017 172
This Week on Jewcy: Girl Scouts and the Catholic Church, Caffeinated Bagels, and Netflix's New Series About an All-female Wrestling Circuit. May 18, 2017 154
'Jesus Christ Superstar,' Which Will Soon Be Made for TV, Aggressively Ignorant and Anti-Semitic. May 12, 2017 201
This Week on Jewcy: Irving Penn at the Met, and Irving Penn, and Interviews with Two Female Jewish Directors. May 11, 2017 108
The Jewish Moms of Musical Theater Who Deserve Our Reverence. May 10, 2017 131
Risky Theater: Featuring the Shoah Onstage Is Important, but There Are Risks Involved. May 9, 2017 187
New York's Lost & Found Theater Company Is Making New Sense of Old Jewish Roots. May 5, 2017 152
This Week on Jewcy: Yiddish, Yiddish, Yiddish-and Young Orthodox Love. May 4, 2017 113
So Many Jews Have Been Nominated for 2017 Tony Awards! May 2, 2017 158
'War Paint,' a New Musical About Rival Cosmetics Mogul, Stars Two Broadway Greats But Falls Short of Expectations. Apr 27, 2017 168
The Juice on Jewcy: Bette Midler as Dolly Levi, 'Dirty Dancing' Hits the Small Screen, and a Korean/Hasidic Internet Mashup That Will Have You Feeling Mighty High. Apr 27, 2017 139
The Week on Jewcy: Applying That 10 Plagues-themed Makeup? Our Sister Site Has Just the Playlist For You. Apr 13, 2017 178
OK, Google: Where's the Afikoman? Apr 6, 2017 103
The Week on Jewcy : RBG Reigns Supreme, Adrian Grenier Sports a Kippah, and the Beyonce-Pesach Internet Mash-up You Can't Unsee. Apr 6, 2017 153
'Milk and Honey'-a Musical About American Widows Who Tour Israel in Search of Husbands-Opens Off-Broadway. Jan 30, 2017 301
The Story Behind Expulsion, the 1970s Board Game About Jews During the Spanish Inquisition. Jan 25, 2017 134
Robert De Niro Stars as Bernie Madoff in HBO's 'The Wizard of Lies'. Jan 17, 2017 149
The Canadian Comedy Boychicks of 'YidLife Crisis' Satirize Christmas Songs-in Yiddish. Dec 13, 2016 127
Israelis and Egyptians Make Music Together: A Review of 'The Band's Visit'. Dec 9, 2016 347
Our Dream 'SNL' Hosts, From Mila Kunis and Abbi Jacobson to Zero Mostel and Sigmund Freud. Nov 10, 2016 110
How I Learned to 'Observe' Halloween and Embrace My Inner Freak. Oct 28, 2016 114
It's Kismet: Why Judy Kuhn Was Destined to Play Golde in 'Fiddler on the Roof'. Sep 27, 2016 191
When Your Family, Friends, and Therapist Are No Help, Who You Gonna Call? The Jewish Wisdom Ball. Sep 23, 2016 144
What To See This Fall On (and Off) Broadway: A Tablet Guide to New York Theater. Sep 16, 2016 152
Laying Tefillin Is Not Just For the Boys: A Reflection on Attending a Conservative Day School. Sep 14, 2016 132
Two musicals-one by Jerry Herman, the other by Jonathan Larson-will enjoy short runs in New York City. Aug 16, 2016 145
Hip Hip Hooray! A New Sondheim Musical Is in the Works. Aug 3, 2016 128
Upcoming 'Prince of Egypt' Musical Raises Issues About Diversity in Casting. Jul 27, 2016 191
Bock and Harnick's Musical 'Fiorello!' Returning to New York. Jul 12, 2016 203
Six Subversive Musicals For Your July 4th Weekend That Befit the Age of Trump. Jun 30, 2016 121
Daveed Diggs and Sheldon Harnick Earn Tony Awards, Capping a Fantastic Year on Broadway. Jun 14, 2016 149
Legend Broadway lyricist Sheldon Harnick Will Receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Tonys on Sunday. Jun 7, 2016 239
Shakespeare and Cervantes Both Died 400 Years Ago This Week. Which of the Two Might Have Been Jewish? Apr 26, 2016 148
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Make a Cameo in a Production of 'The Merchant of Venice'. Mar 29, 2016 119
Bette Midler Will Star in a New Broadway Production of 'Hello, Dolly!'. Jan 19, 2016 181
Harry Potter Spin-Off 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' May Be a Very Jewish One. Dec 15, 2015 302
A Review of 'Rothchild & Sons,' an off-Broadway Revision of Harnick, Bock and Yellen's Musical 'The Rothchilds'. Oct 26, 2015 133
Four Reviews of Jewish-Themed Shows From Edinburgh's Massive Fringe Festival. Aug 21, 2015 191
Playing Jan Karski: David Strathairn Stars in a New Production About The Holocaust Whistleblower. Jul 30, 2015 223
At Tony Awards, 'Fun Home' Wins Best Musical in an Otherwise a Mixed Bag for Jewish Nominees. Jun 8, 2015 207

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