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Gerson Therapy workshops, lectures & events, 2011.

Gerson Therapy Workshops, Lectures & Events, 2011 WWW.GERSON.ORG

Events are free, unless otherwise noted. Some conventions require
purchase of a pass to enter the exhibit and lecture halls. All
information was accurate at press time. Check the Garson Institute's
website or call us at (888) 4-GERSON (toll free from the U.S.) or (619)
685-5353 for an updated schedule or for more information

Date & Time             Event              Location

February 21-March 6
March 28-April 9      Two-week therapy
May 2-15              sessions at the       Dobogoko, Hungary
June 6-19             Gerson Health        (outside Budapest)
July 4-17             Centre, Hungary

March 26              The Truth Matters     The Hove Centre,
June 2011             Institute of Health   Brighton, UK
                      World Conference      The Imperial College, South
                                            Kensington, London, UK

May 15 - 19           Licensed Health       San Diego, CA
                      Care Practitioner's
                      Training, Module I

February 4-6          Gerson Basics         San Diego, CA
June 3-5              Workshop
29 - Oct.1

March 21 -27          Six day restoration   Charlotte Gerson
                      session               Health Restoration
                                            Center, San Diego, CA

First Wednesday       The Sheila Gale       Cannery Row, Monterey,
of every month        Show, KNRY-1240       Santa Cruz, Carmel
                      AM radio              and on the Internet

Date & Time           Speaker

February 21-March 6
March 28-April 9      Gerson Therapy
May 2-15              physicians and staff
June 6-19
July 4-17

March 26
June 2011             Margaret Straus

May 15 - 19           Charlotte Gerson, Kayla Smith,
                      ND, Alicia Melendez,
                      MD and Luz Bravo, MD

February 4-6          Charlotte Gerson;
June 3-5              Dr. Kayla Smith, ND;
September             Carol Beard
29 - Oct.1

March 21 -27          Restoration Center Staff Team

First Wednesday       Howard Straus
of every month

Date & Time            Contact Information

February 21-March 6   See for more information on
March 28-April 9      the centre, and email for
May 2-15              information regarding admission cost, and other
June 6-19             arrangements. Their English translated page
July 4-17    is in Hungarian.

March 26              Contact Shona Duff
June 2011   

May 15 - 19           To apply, go to
                      htm, and contact Barb Conde at the GI for

February 4-6          questions: (888) 443-7766 or (619) 685-5353,
June 3-5              or email:
29 - Oct.1

March 21 -27          Check our website at
                      monthly program to apply.

First Wednesday       Contact Sheila Gale,, or
of every month        (831) 521-4697 for more information. Live
                      streaming on the Web at
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