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Gerson Therapy workshops, lectures & events, 2010.

Events are free, unless otherwise noted. Some conventions require purchase of a pass to enter the exhibit and lecture halls.

All information was accurate at press time. We suggest you call the Gerson Institute's toll-free number at (888) 4-GERSON (toll free from the U.S.) or (619) 685-5353 for an updated schedule or for more information. Advanced reservations are no longer available.

Date & Time           Event                  Location

June 28-July 11  Two-week Therapy       Dobogoko, Hungary (outside
July 12-July 25  Sessions at the        Budapest)
                 Gerson Health Centre,

Sat. June        Modern Manna Health    Lodi Grape Festival
12-Sun. June 13  Crusade                Grounds, 413 East
                                        Lockeford Street, Lodi, CA

Fri. June        Gerson Basics          San Diego, CA
25-Sun. June 27  Workshop
October (TBA)

August 23-29     One week Wellness      Charlotte Gerson Health
September 20-26  session                Restoration Center, San
December 6-13                           Diego, CA

July 7           The Sheila Gale Show,  Cannery Row, Monterey,
6:00pm-6:30pm    KNRY-1240 AM radio     Santa Cruz, Carmel and on
                                        the Internet

Date & Time     Speaker         Contact Information

June 28-July    Gerson       Please see for
11 July         Therapy      information regarding cost, admission,
12-July 25      physicians   and other arrangements.
                and staff

Sat. June       Charlotte    Danny Vierra, Modern Manna Ministries,
12-Sun. June    Gerson will  Modern Manna Ministries, 519 South
13              speak at     Central Avenue, Lodi, CA 95240.
                the event (209) 334-3868
                and sign

Fri. June       Charlotte    Barbara Conde, the Gerson Institute,
25-Sun. June    Gerson; Dr.  (888) 443-7766 or (619) 685-5353.
27 October      Kayla        Email: for price and
(TBA)           Smith, ND;   availability.

August 23-29    Charlotte    Dr. Kayla Smith, ND at the Gerson
September       Gerson; Dr.  Institute, (888) 443-7766 or (619)
20-26 December  Kayla Smith  685-5353. Email: for
6-13            ND; Carol    price and availability.

July 7          Howard       Sheila Gale,, or
6:00pm-6:30pm   Straus       (831) 521-4697. Live streaming on the
                appears on   Web at
                the first
                of every
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Date:Jul 1, 2010
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