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Gerson Therapy gaining traction in Japan: we visit the Cancer Control Society convention in Tokyo.

On July 25 and 26, the Cancer Control Society, Japan chapter held its annual convention at the Belle Salle Kudan in Tokyo. For the fourth time, Mr. Akitsugu Moriyama, President of the CCS-Japan, invited your Editor to give an hour lecture and attend the convention, generously paying travel and expenses while we were in Japan.


Tokyo at this time of year does not have the most pleasant weather one could wish for, hot and muggy, with occasional thunderstorms, but the atmosphere for Gerson in Japan could not have been more welcoming. Several organizations and individuals have been very busy, and the fruits of their labors have benefited the acceptance of Gerson in Japan to either large or small extent.

We spoke to a full hall, about 500 people in the audience, including, we found out after the lecture, the Executive Director and some of the senior staff of the St. Marguerite Hospital in Chiba, about halfway between Tokyo and its main airport at Narita. The Director happily told us that they were implementing the Gerson Therapy, soup, juices, coffee enemas and all, at their hospital, and were delighted with the results that they were achieving. She even asked if Charlotte would come to inaugurate a Gerson ward, if and when it was constructed. We sadly had to tell her that, at her relatively advanced age, Charlotte does not make 12-hour airline flights anymore, as it is just too much of a strain. However, we volunteered to come ourselves, should she wish a visit.

We manned a sales table in the exhibit hall next to the lecture hall, and were gratified to recognize many of the faces of people who come, year after year to staff the convention. At the sales table with us was Kyoko Ujiie Abe, a Gerson Institute Certified Caregiver, a great and generous friend to the Institute. Kyoko had set the table up, and done all the preparation for book and DVD sales. She also has translated Charlotte and Beata Bishop's book, Healing the Gerson Way, into Japanese, plus found a publisher. Thus, we were able to announce in my well-received lecture that the Japanese translation would be ready for purchase on August 15th! (See related story, p. 1)

CCS-Japan President Moriyama told us that there is, in the Japanese Diet (legislature), a member who is very interested in alternative approaches to cancer and other diseases. We immediately arranged for Healing the Gerson Way to be presented to him, both in English and in the newly available Japanese, along with copies for about 20 of his interested colleagues.


The book's publisher, Mr. Keiichiro Masuda of Jiyusha Publishing Company, visited us at the booth, and we got to express our thanks to him personally for bringing this volume to Japan. He had indicated on first reading it, that he and his staff found it fascinating and well-written, and we met with Kyoko to discuss marketing considerations. "Jiyusha" means "born of the Earth," which gives one a good idea of the thrust of their books, so it looks like we'll have a good relationship with them.

Prof. Takaho Watayo, MD, who has appeared in our documentaries ("Magnificent, magnificent!") lectured at the convention as well. He told us that his book on nutritional healing of cancer had sold out its first printing of 200,000 copies in three months! Clearly, the population of Japan is hungry for this information. He also told us that he mentions the Gerson Therapy very favorably throughout the book, which will give us tremendous exposure. Due to this book, and Dr. Watayo's several lectures a week, he has become one of the most, if not the most famous physicians in Japan. He indicated that, mostly using the Gerson Therapy techniques, he was able to manage recoveries in about 50% of the "terminal" patients who came to him. For an MD, particularly a medical school professor, this kind of result with cancer and other chronic diseases is incredibly gratifying. Dr. Watayo comes from a family that has produced medical professionals in China and Japan for centuries!

We have been invited to Tokyo again for next year's CCS-Japan convention, and have accepted gladly.

We should like to publicly express gratitude to the CCS, both in the US and in Japan, for having presented us with the opportunity and platform to bring the Gerson Therapy to Japan. Both Mr. Moriyama and CCS President Frank Cousineau (who succeeded Norman Fritz on his passing last year) were generous and most hospitable. Dr. and Mrs. Watayo invited us to Hakone Spa, a mineral hot springs between Tokyo and Mt. Fuji on the flanks of another volcanic cone, and treated us like royalty. Our simultaneous translator, Ms. Roxana Sonoda, ND, with whom we have worked on each of our visits to Japan, broke a front tooth an hour before our lecture, but soldiered bravely through, acting as our translator for the entire day! Mr. Moriyama's daughter Yukie, who attended college in the US, was our facilitator and organizer, doing a very professional job with great hospitality. And there is no superlative high enough to describe the work and help provided by Kyoko Ujiie Abe, who translated Healing the Gerson Way and found a publisher in the year since we were last in Japan! And this was just the tip of the iceberg; the CCS staff and volunteers, other lecturers and organizers were all phenomenally helpful and gracious. Thank you all for helping us to bring the Gerson Therapy across the Pacific!

by Howard Strauss, Editor
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Author:Straus, Howard
Publication:Gerson Healing Newsletter
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Date:Sep 1, 2009
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