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Gernep labelling systems' Labetta SK.

The machine series Labetta SK has been completely revised and is reflecting both, a new look and new technological developments, particularly in the area of the optical orientation issue.

The proven servo motor technology on the self-adhesive dispenser helps to ensure a precise and especially smooth-running transfer of the label to the container, even with deeper containers or on larger sizes.

The Labetta range forms the wet glue labelling machines by Gernep. Significant advantages of the innovative wet glue labelling are the patented overlay gearbox for easy adjustment of the exact label position, as well as the single, three-dimensionally adjustable glue segments.

Gernep started with wet glue machines and these are still the mainstay of the company, especially in brewing where wet-glue systems from Gernep are still a traditional partner. The wet glue technology from Gernep is constantly developed and refined.

For the hot melt wrap around labelling for different containers, the labelling machines Rollfeed and Rollina are designed. The type Rollfed is used for the labelling of plastic labels from the roll and Rollina for paper labels from the magazine. The glue application of both labelling systems results from a closed hot melt unit. Because of this closed hot melt system any contamination of glue is avoided in the hot melt circulation and minimizes the cleaning and maintenance.

The hot glue of the Gernep Rollima is economically applied onto the container by nozzle. The end gluing occurs through a stepless adjustable end-gluing edge at the end of the label magazine.

Hot melt is applied contact-free and selectively at the beginning and the end of the label via nozzles while it is on the vacuum drum. The end gluing takes place by a stepless adjustable gluing edge and an end gluing plate on the transfer drum. The convenient control of bottle rotation offers a changeover to other container formats within a minimum of time.

Especially flexible is the combination of wet glue, self adhesive and hot melt labelling.

All Gernep labelling machines can be equipped with various container orientation systems on bottom notch, side notch, eye mark, relief or bottle seam. At customer's request they can be additionally equipped with seal labelling in L- or U-shape, either in adhesive or wet glue.

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Date:Sep 1, 2013
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