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Germany : German Development Minister Mller welcomes new rules for the export of plastic waste and calls for consistent implementation by export ban from the EU to Africa and Asia.

Minister Gerd Mller: "The new export rules of the Basel Agreement for plastic waste are an important step to limit international garbage tourism and we must seize this opportunity and the now possible export ban of plastic garbage from the EU to Africa and Asia during the German EU Council Presidency The developing countries must not continue to be garbage dumps for our wealth waste.

We also need to support developing countries in waste management and recycling. An important step has been taken by the Ministry of Development to set up the international waste alliance PREVENT. 30 organizations from business, science, civil society as well as Indonesia and Ghana have been taking part since this week. Together, we bring members' knowledge and technology to developing countries for new waste management and recycling projects.

In the end, however, we will only make real progress if significantly less plastic gets into circulation. The ban on disposable plastic bags would be a start. We use a plastic bag for about 20 minutes. But it takes hundreds of years to rot - and then it is not gone yet, but especially problematic microplastics. In Germany, we continue to use 2.4 billion plastic bags per year. Many also arrive at developing countries via mill exports.

The plastic waste in the seas will increase tenfold by 2050. By 2050, more plastic than fish could be swimming in the oceans. These are bad news for nearly a billion people who live along the coasts also from the seas. Over 50 countries have already banned plastic bags. Nearly 30 of them in Africa. With that less plastic comes into circulation, that's a start. What Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda can do, we also have to succeed. Why are we waiting here? "

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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:May 16, 2019
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