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Germany,Japan : Panasonic Exhibiting New 3D Technologies at IFA 2012.

Panasonic Corporation has applied its 3D technologies to achieve an even greater sense of realism with the development of its Interactive Multi-view 3D System and the world's largest glasses-free 3D plasma display. Both systems will be presented to the B2B field as new solutions for 3D businesses. Panasonic is exhibiting these technologies at its corporate booth at the IFA 2012 show to be held in Berlin, Germany, from August 31.

In order to achieve ever greater levels of audiovisual quality, broadcasting and other imaging technologies have undergone a long-term process of evolution from black-and-white to color and from standard definition to high definition. Today, Panasonic is working to carry this evolution into a new plane of true-to-life, immersive communication with the development of 3D imaging and high-definition imaging technologies.

At its corporate booth, Panasonic is presenting its newly-developed Interactive Multi-view 3D System which allows the viewer to control the object image through a touch panel, and view the image at the size and from the angle they desire. The system is capable of accurate three-dimensional display without any sense of warping, thus realizing the full, high-quality expressive potential of 3D video. In addition, Panasonic is also exhibiting its 103-inch glasses-free 3D plasma display, the largest in the world, that reproduces high-definition 3D video with very little moire interference or crosstalk compared to other such systems. It is anticipated that both of these 3D display systems will be utilized across a wide spectrum of industries.

The Interactive Multi-view 3D System optimally utilizes the special characteristics of 3D to richly express the texture of the object. The user can control the image of an object taken from multiple angles through a touch panel, giving the user the freedom to view the object at the angle and size they desire in full HD 3D.

The 3D system is able to display the shape and depth of the 3D image accurately regardless of the magnification ratio and display high resolution images at high speeds. The active-shutter type display is able to accurately express the color and texture of objects.

The display offers impressive 3D images on a 103-inch glasses-free plasma display, the largest in the world. It can display images at a higher resolution and a higher quality than current parallax barrier type glasses-free 3D displays.

Through the use of 4K2K plasma panels, it is possible to display high definition 3D images at a resolution equivalent to HD, and by utilizing a newly developed barrier, moire interference and crosstalk has been reduced by about half of that of previous glasses-free 3D systems.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Sep 3, 2012
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