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German legal publisher Lexxion (Berlin) has begun the publication of two new journals.

German legal publisher Lexxion (Berlin) has begun the publication of two new journals. "Carbon Climate Law Review" is a quarterly journal designed to be a discussion thrum for the "challenges of implementation" of new climate policies and to help ensure the "smooth operation" of the associated regulatory framework. It will be published tour times a year and an annual subscription costs 372 [euro]. Coverage focuses on the carbon market, where each transaction is subject to sophisticated contractual arrangements, liability rules, accounting practices, and other mandatory constraints. Lexxion said the journal "strikes a balance" between the interests of practitioners, including those involved in the carbon market, and a more doctrinal focus, alternating legal policy recommendations and articles on legal aspects of carbon trading and related aspects of greenhouse gas regulation. A section on current developments updates readers on recent market trends, political decisions, new literature and relevant events. Lexxion has also launched "European Public Private Partnership Law Review," an international quarterly journal that provides coverage of all significant developments in the public private partnerships (PPPs) arena across the European Union and internationally. PPPs are among the most unique legal developments in the EU and are described as an essential legal instrument for the delivery of public services and as an innovative interface between the public and private sectors. Such relations manifest as infrastructure projects in such areas as transportation, public health, education, public safety, waste management and water distribution. Both titles will be published four times a year. An annual subscription for either title costs 372 [euro].
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Date:Dec 1, 2007
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