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German collector to return looted artwork.


BERLIN -- A recluse who hoarded a priceless art collection at his homes in Germany and Austria -- including works possibly looted from Jewish owners by the Nazis -- has for the first time agreed to hand back a piece of art, his representatives said Wednesday.

The unidentified artwork belonged to a trove of some 1,400 works that German police discovered at Cornelius Gurlitt's home in the Munich borough of Schwabing two years ago.

The announcement came as further works of art were discovered hidden at a house belonging to Gurlitt in Salzburg -- a trove that Austrian television said included a long-lost painting by Claude Monet.

''We are about to return a work from the Schwabing portion of the collection that is justifiably suspected of being looted art,'' Christoph Edel, a court-appointed lawyer for the 81-year-old collector, said in a statement.
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Author:Jordans, Frank
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Date:Mar 27, 2014
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