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German Hydrogen Association Selects Innovation Award Winner.

The German Hydrogen Association (DWV) recently announced that Dr. Jens Mathiak of Castrop-Rauxel will receive a 2003 DWV Innovation Award for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells for his thesis titled "Process Analysis of the Distributed Home Energy Supply Based on PEM Fuel Cells." DWV noted that Mathiak crafted the thesis at the University Duisburg-Essen with professor Angelika Heinzel.

"The thesis contributes to fuel cell research generally and in particular to the field of hydrogen generation for home fuel cells," said DWV. "It provides a universally applicable basis for further investigations on distributed hydrogen generation for use with PEM fuel cells."

Additionally, DWV said it will honor Dr. Rolf Stromberger with a "special award" for his thesis titled "Building a Filling Station Infrastructure for the Supply of Cars With Hydrogen as Alternative Fuel, Under Consideration of Technical, Economical and Ecological Aspects." DWV said Stromberger developed the thesis at the Technical University of Vienna with support from automaker BMW.

"The creation of a comprehensive and economical infrastructure is an important condition for the introduction of hydrogen fuel road traffic," said DWV. "Since there are many ways to this end, all contributions are useful that provide more clarity. This is why [Stromberger's] thesis was considered to be important."

DWV said both awards will be presented during the association's annual meeting on May 14 in Leipzig.

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Publication:Fuel Cells Today
Date:Mar 30, 2004
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