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Geras, Adele Troy.

Il. by Erich Lessing & Giraudon. ISBN 0-15-204570-8. Orlando, FL: Harcourt Books, 2000. 358 pp. $6.95. In this age-old story from a different point of view, Geras takes the reader into the city of Troy during the last days of the war of Helen. Unlike other renditions of this mythological tale, the story is told through a young woman's perspective. It is interesting to see how these hard times may have affected the young adults involved in this well-known conflict. Love, war, heroism, and poetic irony make this book an enjoyable read for anyone. Ages 10 and up. Reviewed by Aaron Condon, Olney, MD
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Author:Condon, Aaron
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jun 22, 2003
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