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Gerard Byrne.

Michael Asher (Santa Monica Museum of Art, CA) The exhibition "Michael Asher" was memorable because it concretized several histories at once. We learned, for example, about the ways the museum has accommodated the specific spatial demands of artworks over the past decade, a history retraced wall by skeletal wall. More visceral still were the implications of Asher's intangible practice as presented in a major museum--an institution with, appropriately enough, no collection. Visiting "Michael Asher" with my students from the Art Academy in Copenhagen made his art-historical marginalization, and therefore the imperative for this presentation, all the more obvious. Students mused that, given all the contemporary art this weLl-traveled group had seen, how could it be that such a historically cogent figure seemed so radically unfamiliar?
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Title Annotation:The Artists' Artists; Michael Asher
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Date:Dec 1, 2008
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