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Cornish Lithium highlights some of the world's highest grades of lithium from geothermal waters in latest round of test results. Sep 18, 2020 283
EDC expands BINHI greening legacy with ERDB. Aug 28, 2020 641
'Green' energy powers biodiversity. Aug 7, 2020 805
EDC eyeing more projects in Latin America, Indonesia. Aug 7, 2020 402
'Meaningful impact' on the transition of energy; GEOTHERMAL. Mark Lammey Aug 3, 2020 883
DOE corners 39 new RE applications. Aug 2, 2020 464
Oil Dynamics tailors pump for Dutch geothermal project. Jul 30, 2020 282
Petrolern gets grant for real-time subsurface monitoring. Jul 20, 2020 281
First geothermal power plant to be commissioned in Iran. Jul 19, 2020 292
First geothermal power plant to be commissioned in Iran. Jul 19, 2020 297
A land of ice, fire and stunning natural wonders. WORDS PAUL ENGLISH Jul 12, 2020 722
Kenya wins geothermal field's energy dispute against WalAm Energy. Jul 11, 2020 393
Philippines seen as geothermal power investment hotspot in 10 years. Jul 9, 2020 604
Gov't pushes renewable energy program. Jul 4, 2020 321
'Renewables to help PHL attract investors'. Jul 3, 2020 560
Guidelines to push geothermal energy investment readied. Jul 1, 2020 436
Fault-Affected Fluid Circulation Revealed by Hydrochemistry and Isotopes in a Large-Scale Utilized Geothermal Reservoir. Kong, Yanlong; Pang, Zhonghe; Pang, Jumei; Li, Jie; Lyu, Min; Pan, Sheng Jun 30, 2020 8512
Physicochemical Nature and Therapeutic Potential of Thermal Springs: An Overview. Naima Farhat, Shabbir Hussain, Khalida Nazir and Muhammad Riaz Jun 30, 2020 5400
'PHL to reclaim global standing in geothermal energy generation'. Jun 28, 2020 609
Nakuru Town West built on dangerous ground. Jun 17, 2020 779
Geologic time: Indonesia's geothermal dreams deferred for 5 years. Jun 16, 2020 317
Power Purchase Agreement, New Digital Strategy and Commercial Code Approved. Jun 15, 2020 353
Thermally Affected Zone (TAZ) Assessment in Open-Loop Low-Enthalpy Groundwater Heat Pump Systems (GWHPs): Potential of Analytical Solutions. Gizzi, Martina; Taddia, Glenda; Abdin, Elena Cerino; Russo, Stefano Lo May 31, 2020 5846
Production of minerals could increase by nearly 500% by 2050 (WB). May 18, 2020 488
EDC employees find comfort in new ways of working. May 5, 2020 879
Oil spill scare causing panic in Hoima District. Apr 4, 2020 261
Effect of Multistage Thermal Cracking on Permeability of Granite. Feng, Zi-jun; Zhao, Yang-sheng; Zhao, Peng; Wan, Zhi-jun Mar 31, 2020 5664
EDC vows continuous geothermal power supply. Mar 19, 2020 265
Full steam ahead as Kengen eyes Olakaria VI. Mar 5, 2020 326
'Lack of incentives crimps investments in geothermal'. Mar 2, 2020 458
Lopez firm to expand capacity of geothermal plants. Feb 29, 2020 348
Toshiba Wins Order in Ethiopia for Small Scale Geothermal Power Generation System for Wellhead. Baset Asaba Feb 28, 2020 399
KenGen records 4.3% pre-tax profit in half-year results. Feb 28, 2020 562
EDC eyeing to build binary plants. Feb 28, 2020 617
Basic Energy withdraws from various geothermal, gas service contracts. Feb 21, 2020 359
Azerbaijan, Hungary start energy co-op. Feb 15, 2020 340
School first to be powered by energy from thermal spring. WALES NEWS SERVICE Jan 24, 2020 507
Eco first as school set to be powered by ancient thermal spring. Jan 24, 2020 424
Global Geothermal Power Equipment Market Analysis, Drivers & Restraints During the Forecast Period, 2019-2027. Jan 6, 2020 1043
EDC vows to continue reforestation of Mt. Talinis this 2020. Jan 6, 2020 588
How infloor heating is energy efficient. Jan 4, 2020 580
How to heat a home efficiently. James Dulley Jan 4, 2020 893
Use of Solar Thermal Collectors and a Horizontal Underground Loop in a Multi-Source Heat Pump System for Thermal Energy Storage. Miao, Rui; Selby, Doug; Yu, Yao; Catey, Laurie; Olson, Gaylord; Hu, Xiaoou Jan 1, 2020 4255
10. Renewable Energy. Jan 1, 2020 18238
The Influence of Coupled Thermomechanical Processes on the Pressure and Temperature due to Cold Water Injection into Multiple Fracture Zones in Deep Rock Formation. Figueiredo, Bruno; Tsang, Chin-Fu; Niemi, Auli Jan 1, 2020 8876
EDC expanding after output is fully contracted. Dec 17, 2019 334
Youths draft communication plan on climate crisis mitigation. Dec 12, 2019 832
As a result of the latest concession bid-round four hydrocarbon and a geothermal contracts can be concluded. Dec 11, 2019 435
Cairn Energy funds Heriot-Watt clean energy scholarships. Dec 3, 2019 221
EDC helps address Mindanao quake sanitation and water needs. Dec 3, 2019 509
I Hot Water: Abandoned coal mines contain a precious resource in the warm water they hold within. Dec 1, 2019 508
Determination of Hydrothermal Prospects in the Geothermal Region of Paipa (Boyaca, Colombia), Using Remote Sensing and Field Data/Determinacion de Prospectos Hidrotermales en la Region Geotermica de Paipa (Boyaca, Colombia), Utilizando Sensores Remotos y Datos de Campo. Calderon-Chaparro, Rafael Andres; Vargas-Cuervo, German Dec 1, 2019 7527
Laboratory Investigation and Modelling of the Thermal-Mechanical Properties of Soil in Shallow Mineralized Groundwater Area. Xia, Zhao; Liu, Xiaoming; Gu, Jiali Nov 30, 2019 8785
Determination of Hydraulic Properties of a Large Self-Propped Hydraulic Fracture in the Geothermal Research Borehole Horstberg Z1 in the Northwest German Basin. Jung, Reinhard; Hassanzadegan, Alireza; Tischner, Torsten Nov 30, 2019 7250
More than 25,000 students receive school supplies from EDC, NBSFI. Nov 24, 2019 333
'Vote Green for transport and housing, and to save the planet' The Green Party has published its manifesto - titled If Not Now, When?'- for next month's general election. Political editor Ruth Mosalski looks at some of the key policies. Nov 22, 2019 916
Renewable Energy Market: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, Forecast To 2025. Nov 19, 2019 776
EDC's Mt. Apo plant back in operation. Nov 16, 2019 238
EDC's Kidapawan geothermal power plants back online. Nov 15, 2019 310
EDC: Geothermal energy production doesn't trigger quakes. Nov 3, 2019 345
David v Goliath: A small village's struggle with an industrial giant. Nov 2, 2019 1491
Projects enhance Alberta's role as energy leader. Oct 31, 2019 405
KenGen wins Sh5.8 billion Ethiopia geothermal contract. Oct 25, 2019 367
Geothermal Power Generation Market Expanding Worldwide with Key Players- Chevron, Calpine, Energy Development. Oct 16, 2019 1079
Global Geothermal Drilling Rig Market Insights Report (2019 - 2026) by Share Growing Rapidly With Recent Trends and Outlook. Report Oct 16, 2019 1150
ABB's substation helps Indonesia leverage its geothermal potential, bringing clean power to half a million homes. Baset Asaba Oct 8, 2019 387
With climate woes worsening energy insecurity, geothermal is key-EDC. Oct 8, 2019 631
Hard work pays off for Negros science quiz bee teen champs. Oct 8, 2019 1066
Philippines's ranking in geothermal energy generation slides to third after Indonesia. Oct 3, 2019 955
Strada Secures New Funding To Test Breakthrough Technology For Geothermal. Oct 2, 2019 243
CS Keter praises new Baringo geothermal well. Oct 1, 2019 422
10. Renewable Energy. Oct 1, 2019 17634
Experimental and Techno-Economic Analysis of Solar-Geothermal Organic Rankine Cycle Technology for Power Generation in Nepal. Baral, Suresh Sep 30, 2019 7635
A volcanic wonderland in Taipei's Beitou. Sep 29, 2019 332
Prime Minister Mamin meets with OPEC's Secretary General. Sep 26, 2019 293
Prime Minister Mamin meets with OPEC's Secretary General. Sep 26, 2019 252
Geothermal Electric Power Generation Market Global Analysis(Manufacturers,Application,Technology) & Market Overview Report 2019-2023. Report Sep 26, 2019 684
GDC projects to benefit Olkaria, Menengai and Baringo residents. Sep 26, 2019 341
Lopez Group tapping RE assets to supply 100 MW to Meralco. Sep 20, 2019 562
GDC strikes steam in Baringo. Sep 20, 2019 437
Lopez Group to supply 100MW to Meralco. Sep 19, 2019 314
Steam well in Baringo yields fruit. Sep 18, 2019 199
Geothermal Drilling Rig Market Is Showing Strong Position To 2023 With Prominent Vendors: Casagrande S.p.A., HERBST SMAG Mining, Epiroc, HARDAB / Radiant Insights, Inc. Sep 16, 2019 792
Nakuru banking on geothermal energy to reignite its economy. Sep 16, 2019 986
City financier to revisit PS200m factory promise. Sep 9, 2019 161
Plans for [pounds sterling]200m cable factory bringing 800 jobs 'could be scrapped if Government doesn't back it'; The project could deliver a multi-million pound boost to Teesside - but its backers have called on the Government for its support. Sep 8, 2019 444
Schools show concern on environmental issues in Negros. Sep 3, 2019 674
The Local Earthquake Tomography of Erzurum (Turkey) Geothermal Area/La tomografia de terremoto local del area geotermica de Erzurum (Turquia). Ozer, Caglar; Ozyazicioglu, Mehmet Sep 1, 2019 7452
Analysis of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Fractured Surrounding Rock in Deep Underground Spaces. Chen, Liu; Chu, Yujie; Zhang, Yu; Han, Fei; Zhang, Jie Aug 31, 2019 5569
Fault "Corrosion" by Fluid Injection: A Potential Cause of the November 2017 [M.sub.W] 5.5 Korean Earthquake. Westaway, Rob; Burnside, Neil M. Aug 31, 2019 16587
EDC bats for geothermal energy over coal. Aug 28, 2019 402
MHI to Exhibit at the Japan-Africa Business Expo during TICAD7. Aug 22, 2019 828
Ormat Technologies Inc, (NYSE:ORA)--Ormat Announces First Geothermal And Solar Hybrid Power Plant--5/8/2019. Aug 22, 2019 204
Renewable Energy Technologies & Global Markets, 2017-2019 & 2023. Aug 20, 2019 1970
Ormat Technologies Inc. Aug 16, 2019 204
Global Geothermal Drilling Market for Power Generation, 2019-2023. Aug 14, 2019 692
Distributed Generation Market - 2019 Size, Growth, Share, Trends, Competitive, Regional Analysis With Global Industry Forecast To 2023. Industry overview Aug 8, 2019 1210
Gail Borden Library's Rakow Branch celebrates 10th anniversary Aug. 10. Aug 8, 2019 283
Ormat Technologies Inc. (NYSE:ORA)--Ormat Announces First Geothermal And Solar Hybrid Power Plant--5/8/2019. Aug 8, 2019 204
FreightWaves Adds Carbon Emissions Data To SONAR. Aug 6, 2019 374
Production-Induced Subsidence at the Los Humeros Geothermal Field Inferred from PS-InSAR. Bekesi, Eszter; Fokker, Peter A.; Martins, Joana E.; Limberger, Jon; Bonte, Damien; van Wees, Jan-Di Jul 31, 2019 5621
Geothermal Systems: Interdisciplinary Approaches for an Effective Exploration. Montanari, Domenico; Lupi, Matteo; Calcagno, Philippe Jul 31, 2019 1688
Kalahari GeoEnergy explores Geothermal in Zambia. Jul 29, 2019 272
Aerospace Energy Storage Market Rising Trends and New Technologies with Meggitt PLC, Kokam Co, Eaton Corporation, Siemens AG. Jul 26, 2019 1363
EBRD, AIIB and BSB to allocate $350M for Turkey's largest geothermal power plant. Jul 26, 2019 331
Researchers develop device for sustainably using geothermal energy. Jul 18, 2019 434
Pulling out. Jul 16, 2019 1216
GeoGenCo's Zero Water Geothermal Technology Helps Imperial Irrigation District Achieve Green Energy Goals. Jul 14, 2019 502
Mindoro gov't drops support for major geothermal project. Jul 7, 2019 291
A Desiccant Wheel Application with Condenser Water Cooling and Low-Grade Geothermal Energy in Humid Climates. Liao, Jiajun; Claridge, David E. Jul 1, 2019 1314
Integrated Sizing Methodology for a hybridGEOTABS Building. Sharifi, Mohsen; Mahmoud, Rana; Himpe, Eline; Laverge, Jelle Jul 1, 2019 3964
Design and Construction of a Geothermal [CO.sub.2] Air Conditioner. Kalinowski, Paul; Nasuta, Dennis; Martin, Cara Jul 1, 2019 3175
Geothermal Heat Pumps--Simply Efficient. Meline, Lisa; Kavanaugh, Steve Report Jul 1, 2019 8183
Numerical Simulation Analysis of Unsteady Temperature in Thermal Insulation Supporting Roadway. Zhang, Shuguang; Lu, Pingping; Wang, Hongwei Jun 30, 2019 4444
Influence of Ground Temperature on Shotcrete-to-Rock Adhesion in Tunnels. Duan, Limin; Zhang, Yuanhang; Lai, Jinxing Jun 30, 2019 9450
Fault Core Thickness: Insights from Siliciclastic and Carbonate Rocks. Torabi, A.; Johannessen, M.U.; Ellingsen, T.S.S. Jun 30, 2019 11527
Study on Preliminarily Estimating Performance of Elementary Deep Underground Engineering Structures in Future Large-Scale Heat Mining Projects. Tang, Min; Li, Hong; Tang, Chunan Report Jun 30, 2019 6915
More firms prefer renewable energy for their power needs. Jun 10, 2019 297
Mt. Apo's Manobo tribe gets royalty from power plants' operation. Jun 2, 2019 561
Mineshafts may heat homes. May 31, 2019 364
Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Modeling of Permeability Evolution in a C[O.sub.2]-Circulated Geothermal Reservoir. Tao, Jing; Wu, Yu; Elsworth, Derek; Li, Pan; Hao, Yang May 31, 2019 6776
A Macroscale Hydrogeological Numerical Model of the Suio Hydrothermal System (Central Italy). Saroli, Michele; Albano, Matteo; Giovinco, Gaspare; Casale, Anna; Dell'Isola, Marco; Lancia, Michele May 31, 2019 9219
Effect of Heating Rate on the Dynamic Compressive Properties of Granite. Shu, Ronghua; Yin, Tubing; Li, Xibing May 31, 2019 6883
Locating Geothermal Resources: Insights from 3D Stress and Flow Models at the Upper Rhine Graben Scale. Landes, Antoine Armandine Les; Guillon, Theophile; Peter-Borie, Mariane; Blaisonneau, Arnold; Rachez Report May 31, 2019 16899
Detailed Fluid Inclusion and Stable Isotope Analysis on Deep Carbonates from the North Alpine Foreland Basin to Constrain Paleofluid Evolution. Mraz, Elena; Wolfgramm, Markus; Moeck, Inga; Thuro, Kurosch May 31, 2019 14038
EDC eyeing geothermal projects in Taiwan. May 22, 2019 375
POWER Engineers receives national award for Turkish geothermal plant. May 21, 2019 360
EDC to supply power to garment exporter. May 15, 2019 355
EDC to expand geothermal assets. May 13, 2019 316
First Gen books higher P4-B profit in Q1 as shift to clean energy pays off. Financial report May 11, 2019 576
Garments exporter taps EDC to power Cavite facility. May 8, 2019 304
Seismic Methods in Geothermal Water Resource Exploration: Case Study from Lodz Trough, Central Part of Poland. Mackowski, Tomasz; Sowizdzal, Anna; Wachowicz-Pyzik, Anna Apr 30, 2019 7393
A Review of the Hydrochemistry of a Deep Sedimentary Aquifer and Its Consequences for Geothermal Operation: Klaipeda, Lithuania. Brehme, Maren; Nowak, Kerstin; Banks, David; Petrauskas, Sigitas; Valickas, Robertas; Bauer, Klaus; Apr 30, 2019 13207
Synthetic Seismic Reflection Modelling in a Supercritical Geothermal System: An Image of the K-Horizon in the Larderello Field (Italy). de Franco, R.; Petracchini, L.; Scrocca, D.; Caielli, G.; Montegrossi, G.; Santilano, A.; Manzella, Apr 30, 2019 12337
A Rheological Model of Sandstones considering Response to Thermal Treatment. Wang, Xingang; Huang, Lei; Zhang, Junrong Apr 30, 2019 4843
Recoverable Resource Prediction of Shallow Geothermal Energy in Small Towns Using the Finite Volume Method: Taking the Central Urban Area of Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, as an Example. Zhang, Qing; Ge, Weiya; Jia, Junyuan; Tian, Fujin; Chang, Xiaojun; Xing, Huaixue; Lei, Ting Apr 30, 2019 6457
Kebili: Strategy for promotion of geothermal crops. Apr 24, 2019 228
South air traffic tower at O'Hare wins award. Apr 23, 2019 257
Food firm Mondelez secures electricity supply from EDC. Apr 19, 2019 353
Mondelez taps EDC to power manufacturing plant in Paranaque. Apr 18, 2019 454
EDC forges supply deal with Neltex. Apr 13, 2019 274
Neltex Development taps EDC to power Cavite facility. Apr 10, 2019 423
Neltex development taps EDC to supply geothermal energy. Apr 9, 2019 360
10. Renewable Energy. Apr 1, 2019 16983
Assessment of Chaves Low-Temperature C[O.sub.2]-Rich Geothermal System (N-Portugal) Using an Interdisciplinary Geosciences Approach. Marques, J.M.; Carreira, P.M.; Aires-Barros, L.A.; Santos, F.A. Monteiro; da Silva, M. Antunes; Repr Mar 31, 2019 17283
A Methodology for Assessing the Favourability of Geopressured-Geothermal Systems in Sedimentary Basin Plays: A Case Study in Abruzzo (Italy). Santilano, Alessandro; Trumpy, Eugenio; Gola, Gianluca; Donato, Assunta; Scrocca, Davide; Ferrarini, Case study Mar 31, 2019 14488
Influence of the Main Border Faults on the 3D Hydraulic Field of the Central Upper Rhine Graben. Freymark, Jessica; Bott, Judith; Cacace, Mauro; Ziegler, Moritz; Scheck-Wenderoth, Magdalena Mar 31, 2019 12529
Fluid Circulations at Structural Intersections through the Toro-Bunyoro Fault System (Albertine Rift, Uganda): A Multidisciplinary Study of a Composite Hydrogeological System. Walter, Bastien; Geraud, Yves; Hautevelle, Yann; Diraison, Marc; Raisson, Francis Report Mar 31, 2019 10927
Geothermometry and Circulation Behavior of the Hot Springs in Yunlong County of Yunnan in Southwest China. Wang, Xiaocui; Zhou, Xun Mar 31, 2019 10210
Geothermal Development Company asset base grows by 12% in 2017/18 Results. Mar 26, 2019 271
Sorsogon hosts climate talks, fetes renewable energy. Mar 21, 2019 395
Ruling party calls for probe into Pohang plant linked to earthquake. Mar 21, 2019 423
Massive damage suits awaiting gov't over Pohang quake. Mar 21, 2019 550
'Second-most destructive quake in S Korea was triggered by geothermal power plant'. Mar 20, 2019 132
First Gen income surges 51% as gas-fired plants find stable market. Mar 14, 2019 361
Geothermal Heat Pumps Market key Insights Based On Product Type, End-use and Regional Demand Till 20. Report Mar 12, 2019 977
ENVIRONMENT: Renewable energy used for heating and cooling at 24.5% in Cyprus. Mar 4, 2019 524
MIIC seeks new international funds to set geothermal energy map. Mar 4, 2019 410
GDC to drill Baringo wells after funding request is approved. Mar 4, 2019 404
Next-generation heat pump offers more affordable heating and cooling. Feb 28, 2019 599
Kengen to supply Ethiopian firm with geothermal drilling works. Feb 26, 2019 388
Kengen receives green light to supply geothermal drilling to Ethiopian firm. Feb 25, 2019 402
Geothermal power firm gets Sh1.3bn grant for six wells. Feb 24, 2019 422
International nuclear science group hails Filipina scientist as new director. Feb 21, 2019 364
Harvesting rainwater, an abundant renewable resource. Feb 9, 2019 436
Geothermal Greenhouse Harbors Tomatoes in Winter. Sorell, Amanda Brief article Feb 1, 2019 247
Government expands trials of plastic road technology to stop potholes; It's part of research to future proof our roads. Feb 1, 2019 302
Government expands trials of plastic road technology to stop potholes; It's part of research to future proof our roads. Feb 1, 2019 302
Government expands trials of plastic road technology to stop potholes; It's part of research to future proof our roads. Feb 1, 2019 302
Government expands trials of plastic road technology to stop potholes; It's part of research to future proof our roads. Feb 1, 2019 302
Government expands trials of plastic road technology to stop potholes; It's part of research to future proof our roads. Feb 1, 2019 302
Government expands trials of plastic road technology to stop potholes; It's part of research to future proof our roads. Feb 1, 2019 302
Government expands trials of plastic road technology to stop potholes; It's part of research to future proof our roads. Feb 1, 2019 302
Government expands trials of plastic road technology to stop potholes; It's part of research to future proof our roads. Feb 1, 2019 302
Government expands trials of plastic road technology to stop potholes; It's part of research to future proof our roads. Feb 1, 2019 302
Government expands trials of plastic road technology to stop potholes; It's part of research to future proof our roads. Feb 1, 2019 302
10. Renewable. Jan 1, 2019 17286
Hybrid GEOTABS: System Concept, Individual Modules, and Interfaces. Khovalyg, Dolaana; Kazanci, Ongun B.; Parnis, Gerald; Cigler, Jiri; Olesen, Bjarne W. Jan 1, 2019 3649
EDC seals new supply contract with manufacturing company. Dec 12, 2018 311
CMP taps EDC to supply 2.5 MW of power to Tanauan, Batangas site. Dec 12, 2018 252
Citizen Watch unit taps EDC for clean energy supply. Dec 12, 2018 239
EDC bags 2.50-MW power supply deal. Dec 11, 2018 321
Geothermal energy: The sustainable energy solution. Dec 10, 2018 578
Sabah geothermal power plant project found abandoned, Dewan Rakyat told. Dec 6, 2018 345
We'll end use of thermal power, go green - Uhuru. Dec 5, 2018 284
Experts urge FG to explore geothermal resources for development. Dec 1, 2018 580
Continental Temic inks 'green' energy supply agreement from EDC. Nov 19, 2018 215
EDC inks power supply deal with manufacturing firm. Nov 11, 2018 310
Taiwan's CPC Corp, Taipower to jointly develop geothermal energy in eastern Taiwan. Nov 8, 2018 223
Chevron' board reports USD1.12 per share dividend pay order. Nov 1, 2018 158
10. Renewable Energy. Nov 1, 2018 17266
ESDM Ministry Collaborates with New Zealand to Develop NZ$6.8 Million Valued Geothermal. Oct 31, 2018 385
Ormat Technologies reports closing of Tranche I for Honduras plant project. Oct 31, 2018 197
Binhi goes to Mount Makiling. Oct 29, 2018 180
CLC's Science and Engineering Building gets rave reviews. Oct 17, 2018 574
KenGen says on course to complete 165MW Olkaria V plant. Oct 12, 2018 263
PH revs up flagging green energy engine. Oct 10, 2018 647
EDC sees better results in H2 after 21% income decline in H1. Oct 1, 2018 695
ESDM Minister Pushes Geothermal Energy Development in Indonesia. Sep 30, 2018 487
District heating & cooling market to top $400bn by 2024. Sep 29, 2018 451
Community, dignitaries celebrate CLC's Science & Engineering Building. Sep 28, 2018 707
Why geothermal energy is taking the spotlight. Sep 27, 2018 1437
EDC steps up Indon expansion. Sep 25, 2018 290
Geothermal firm employees eye higher pay. Sep 23, 2018 433
CLC hosts four Solar Week events related to solar energy, sustainability. Sep 21, 2018 341
EDC earns global recognition for environmental practices anew. Sep 21, 2018 389
Our target is to provide enabling environment for enterprise to thrive but a FG. Sep 20, 2018 460
CLC hosts four Solar Week events related to solar energy, sustainability. Sep 15, 2018 439
Fuji Electric wins first 70 MW geothermal power station deal in Kenya. Sep 13, 2018 248
Teach for the Philippines partners with EDC, Sorsogon City LGU, and DepEd to send teacher fellows in local school. Sep 4, 2018 343
Sy firm to drill 12 new geothermal wells. Aug 26, 2018 386
Negros Oriental eyes more RE opportunities. Aug 23, 2018 533
How graft slows down Kenya's dream of cheap electricity. Aug 20, 2018 848
EDC earnings drop 21% to P4.1 B in H1. Aug 14, 2018 514
EDC net income for H1 reaches P4.1 billion. Aug 13, 2018 422
Energy Department Awards $1M Grant To Fayetteville Firm. Aug 13, 2018 182
Fitch Assigns Star Energy's Notes Final 'BB-' Rating; Outlook Stable. Aug 4, 2018 1581
Exempt RE developers from TRAIN 2-group. Jul 19, 2018 798
EDC initiates restoration of 9,196-hectare forests in its geothermal sites. Jul 16, 2018 464
Dandelion moves to the area with low-cost geothermal systems. Jul 5, 2018 279
MHPS Receives Order for 7-Year Long-Term Parts Management and Services for Germencik Geothermal Power Plant in Turkey. Jul 4, 2018 653
Renewables: Falling costs, improving investment climate. Jul 4, 2018 1563
Renewables: Falling costs, improving investment climate. Lewis, Ian Jul 1, 2018 1488
Basic Energy sets drilling to determine Mabini commercial viability. Jun 29, 2018 328
Solon proposes solar energy development, utilization. Jun 27, 2018 392
IFC issues Mabuhay bonds. Jun 26, 2018 357
I.F.C. issues 'green' bonds for renewable projects. Jun 25, 2018 632
Region in the running for Icelandic power scheme. Jun 23, 2018 337
Huge Icelandic underwater cable project 'to deliver major boost to Tees economy'; Teesside has been short-listed for a [pounds sterling]3bn manufacturing plant :: It could also bring multi-million benefits to existing firms. Jun 22, 2018 540
Three North East locations in the running for 500-job factory; Project to provide energy from Iceland to the UK could provide a jobs boom to the North East, with a number of locations being considered. Jun 22, 2018 338
Electric cable plant could be major boost; 500 jobs heading to the north-east. Jun 22, 2018 524
The limits of renewable energy and the case for degrowth. Gauthier, Philippe Jun 22, 2018 2747
'Renewable energy push' lifts Samsung SDI. Jun 15, 2018 537
AfDB and Climate Investment Funds support their first private-led geothermal power plant in Kenya. Jun 10, 2018 581
Kenya slides to position 14 in Africa hydropower ranking. Jun 10, 2018 279
10. Renewable Energy. Jun 1, 2018 15987
Uhuru commissions power station to boost power supply. May 30, 2018 596
Ormat Technologies says lava covers wellheads of two Puna Power Plant wells. May 29, 2018 316
Kilauea volcanic lava may cross geothermal property. May 28, 2018 246
New lava flow crosses onto Hawaii geothermal plant property. May 27, 2018 494
Hawaii volcano spews glowing lava. May 24, 2018 149
Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Threatening Crucial Israeli-Owned Power Plant. May 24, 2018 155
Ocean, jungle explosions new risks from Hawaii eruption. May 23, 2018 487
Lava creeps to edge of geothermal plant on Hawaii's Big Island. May 22, 2018 893
Molten lava from Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano could release toxic gas after hitting power plant; Workers have rushed to shut down the facility on Hawaii's Big Island to prevent the uncontrollable release of toxic gases, which could be fatal if inhaled. May 22, 2018 856
Fitch Ratings assigns 'BB-(EXP)' rating to Star Energy Geothermal 2033. May 17, 2018 272
Trump declares Hawaii "major disaster" due to volcanic eruptions. May 12, 2018 132
Kenya to offer technical support to Djibouti in exploration of renewable energy. May 10, 2018 384
Geothermal power gets alternative 7km underground route to Nairobi. May 7, 2018 446
Pohang earthquake may have been caused by geothermal power plant: report. Apr 27, 2018 204
Pupils revel in stunning scenery during Iceland trip; Flint High. Apr 12, 2018 473
Iran Building Geothermal Power Plants. Apr 8, 2018 207
State to phase out thermal licences. Mar 26, 2018 455
OU, OSU receive EPA technology grants. Mar 22, 2018 206
When the Maasai met the Maori: Kenya seeks to end geothermal land conflicts. Mar 19, 2018 1011
First Gen posts lower profit last year. Financial report Mar 17, 2018 692
Maibarara Geothermal puts power plant online. Mar 12, 2018 398
Geothermal market heats up with renewed incentives. Mar 9, 2018 927
Over 40 years of powering a future of infinite possibilities. Mar 5, 2018 444
Underwater energy plan could create to 500 jobs. Mar 2, 2018 442
Ambitious energy plan could lead to 500 jobs. Mar 1, 2018 446
Massive Icelandic underwater cable project could bring 500 jobs to Teesside; Atlantic SuperConnection wants to lay a 930-mile cable under the sea from Iceland to the UK. Mar 1, 2018 487
500 jobs to created as Iceland power scheme targets North East; Cable linking Iceland to the UK will provide power to thousands of homes - and also set up a factory in the North East. Mar 1, 2018 475
Clean Energy. Feb 28, 2018 195
Consumers stare at higher bills as hydro water drops. Feb 16, 2018 480
Risk mitigation facility to encourage investment in geothermal energy. Feb 6, 2018 247
Unique HVAC Debuts at Cornell Tech: NYC CAMPUS WELCOMES FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND TECHNOLOGY. Feb 1, 2018 219
Renewables Outstrip Nuclear. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 151
Software Solution for a Renewable Energy Microgrid Emulator. Lazar, Eniko; Petreus, Dorin; Etz, Radu; Patarau, Toma Report Feb 1, 2018 4756
Geothermal energy powering future. Jan 29, 2018 755
Amneal unveils energy efficiency project. Jan 23, 2018 366
Leyte town welcomes geothermal exploration. Jan 12, 2018 254
Firm to set up geothermal plant. Jan 9, 2018 278
Alsons urges govt to sell output, not assets, of Mindanao power plants. Jan 8, 2018 383
Phinma Energy to withdraw lawsuit vs Psalm after Ippa deal terminated. Jan 2, 2018 432
A Combined System of Ground Well and Composted Olive Cake for Hot Water Production at Olive Mills. Widyan, Mohamad I. Al-; Rababah, Taha M.; Mahasneh, Majdi Al- Jan 1, 2018 3983
Experimental Investigation of Concrete Runway Snow Melting Utilizing Heat Pipe Technology. Chen, Fengchen; Su, Xin; Ye, Qing; Fu, Jianfeng Jan 1, 2018 3211
Coupling Empowerment Based Application of Extension Method for Geothermal Potential Assessment. Zhang, Qing; Ge, Weiya; Tian, Fujin; Li, Yunfeng; Hou, Lili; Li, Lujuan; Li, Jianming Jan 1, 2018 4859
Thermomechanical Behavior of Late Indo-Chinese Granodiorite under High Temperature and Pressure. Zhang, Yanjun; Hao, Shuren; Bai, Lin; Yu, Ziwang; Zhang, Jianing; Fang, Jingtao Jan 1, 2018 7734
Laboratory Leaching Tests to Investigate Mobilisation and Recovery of Metals from Geothermal Reservoirs. Osvald, Mate; Kilpatrick, Andrew D.; Rochelle, Christopher A.; Szanyi, Janos; Medgyes, Tamas; Kobor, Jan 1, 2018 12334
Hydrochemical Characteristics and Formation of the Madeng Hot Spring in Yunnan, China. Zhenhua, Ren; Xun, Zhou; Miaolin, Yang; Xiaocui, Wang; Yuhui, Zheng; Xiaolu, Li; Ye, Shen Jan 1, 2018 7754
Hydrogeochemical Characteristics and Geothermometry Applications of Thermal Waters in Coastal Xinzhou and Shenzao Geothermal Fields, Guangdong, China. Wang, Xiao; Lu, Guoping; Hu, Bill X. Jan 1, 2018 14615
A Statistical Constitutive Model considering Deterioration for Brittle Rocks under a Coupled Thermal-Mechanical Condition. Gao, Meiben; Li, Tianbin; Wei, Tao; Meng, Lubo Jan 1, 2018 4782
Modeling Highly Buoyant Flows in the Castel Giorgio: Torre Alfina Deep Geothermal Reservoir. Volpi, Giorgio; Magri, Fabien; Colucci, Francesca; Fisher, Thomas; De Caro, Mattia; Crosta, Giovanni Jan 1, 2018 11608
Hydrochemical Characteristics and Evolution of Geothermal Fluids in the Chabu High-Temperature Geothermal System, Southern Tibet. Wang, X.; Wang, G.L.; Gan, H.N.; Liu, Z.; Nan, D.W. Jan 1, 2018 9726
Tectonic Evolution of the Southern Negros Geothermal Field and Implications for the Development of Fractured Geothermal Systems. Pastoriza, Loraine R.; Holdsworth, Robert E.; McCaffrey, Kenneth J.W.; Dempsey, Edward Jan 1, 2018 12201
Phinma, PSALM end row over Leyte plant. Dec 30, 2017 266
Proponent speeds up Biliran geothermal project construction. Dec 27, 2017 328
Firm sees to completion of Biliran plant in aftermath of 'Urduja'. Dec 22, 2017 290
Mt. Datun near Taipei may be a source of geothermal green energy. Dec 17, 2017 302
PSALM issues default notice to Filinvest power unit. Dec 13, 2017 296
PSALM serves formal notice of 'default' on Mt. Apo plant deal. Dec 12, 2017 554
Japanese City Offers Bitcoin Miners An Eco-Friendly Deal. Nov 8, 2017 748
Satellite imagery helps identify geothermal potential in Ethiopia. Nov 7, 2017 471
Maibarara capacity buildup on track to December schedule. Nov 2, 2017 308
Salt Lake City--The UNIVERSITY OF UTAH plans to reduce its total carbon emissions by 25 percent through an agreement to source 50 percent of Its electricity from carbon-free solar and geothermal energy sources. Nov 1, 2017 128
Heavy rains trigger landslides in Negros Oriental. Oct 19, 2017 186

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