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After Gov. Sonny Perdue (R)and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor (D) launched significant buys during the most expensive possible time in the campaign season, they both appear to be benefiting from their respective rolls of the dice in the race for governor. Perdue's first ad is pounding the airwaves, solidifying the governor's name identification and building a solid relationship with his base. Meanwhile, Taylor's ads give the appearance that this is truly a two-man race. The effort to capture an increasing amount of the black vote inches Taylor back into the hunt over his Democratic primary opponent, Secretary of State Cathy Cox. Democrats felt certain that Cox, while lagging behind Taylor in funding, was the clear favorite to win the nomination. And while there is plenty of time for Cox to make up for lost ground, it is likely that the Taylor media blitz will leave her in precisely that position--having to make up for lost ground.

Tim Darnell

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Title Annotation:ACROSS STATE LINES; Sonny Perdue and Mary Taylor in tough political campaigning
Author:Darnell, Tim; Magazine, James
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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