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Georgia-Pacific invests in fluff pulp quality and capacity.

Brunswick Charts

Phenomenal Growth

Georgia-Pacific's Brunswick, Georgia mill was originally designed to produce 150 tons per day of pulp. Throughout the decades, capacity increases have been made - from modest to monumental - as well as investments in modernization and cost-effective production strategies.

Today, as a result of a renewed commitment and recent capacity expansions, Brunswick now has the flexibility to produce up to 550,000 tons per year of Golden Isles[TM] fluff pulp.

Uniquely Structured

for Superior Performance

The Brunswick mill utilizes a native fiber base of predominantly coastal slash pine (80 percent) and loblolly pine (20 percent), which is particularly well suited for fluff pulp production. These pine species grow in the Southern United States and are exposed to an exceptionally long growing season. The pulping of these pines produces a very coarse, bulky, long fiber with a relatively low percentage of fines, or short fibers, which minimizes dusting problems in hammermill and fiberizing operations.

The coarse, bulky fibers of Golden Isles fluff pulp yield absorbent products with optimum fluid retention and excellent network strength, or pad integrity. This is especially important with thinner products and the increased use of super absorbent polymers.

Achieving Consistent

High Quality

Brunswick's aim is to produce the highest quality fluff pulp available today. To do this, Georgia-Pacific operates a state-of-the-art computer controlled facility for consistent high quality production and a fluff pulp that exhibits minimal variability.

This - together with the consistency of this fiber species - has made Brunswick a preferred supplier for many customers. And the exceptional moisture and basis weight control assure that Golden Isles fluff pulp will perform well and consistently, time after time.

New State-of-the-Art

Lab Facilities

With Brunswick's expanded fluff pulp lab facility, comprehensive fluff pulp testing can be performed on either G-P pulp or that of competitors. This allows for direct comparisons that accurate and reliable.

One of the most noteworthy additions to the new lab facility is the KAMAS[TM] hammermill which allows Georgia-Pacific to simulate customers' manufacturing conditions. With this equipment, Georgia-Pacific can help customers determine the most efficient way to run Golden Isles fluff pulp.

New test capabilities include fiberization energy, demand wettability, TEFO absorption, vertical wicking rate, fiber length and fiber coarseness. The company can also perform product analysis such as absorption capacity and rewet. These tests are available for any pulp as well as for final products.

The World's

Premier Fluff Pulp

To assure conformance to industry accepted procedures, competitive product testing involves testing pulp properties according to TAPPI standards. Typical tests include analysis of fiber length and fiber distribution using the Kajaani FS-200 procedure.

Georgia-Pacific also performs absorbency testing for rate and capacity, and can run extensive product testing using actual diapers containing either Golden Isles fluff pulp or a competitive product.

As a result, state-of-the-art testing reveals that G-P's Golden Isles fluff pulp is comparable in physical properties and performance characteristics to the best southern softwood fluff pulp available.

Georgia-Pacific has the capability to produce several grades of Golden Isles fluff pulp and is well positioned to research and develop new uses and grades.
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