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George Spaulding: nurse and sawmill operator.

George Spaulding's name appeared on the DNA 9 membership list in 1948.

He was the only male nurse member of DNA 9 in those early years. George graduated from Hinsdale Sanitarium and Hospital School in Illinois in 1929.

He met Alma Bechtold in nursing school, and they were married in 1930.

George was born in Salida in 1907, and the Spaulding family moved to Bellvue in Larimer County about 1910. George attended elementary school in LaPorte, and attended Campion Academy, south of Loveland. When he finished nursing school in Hinsdale, he passed the Illinois State Boards, and kept his Illinois license active until he retired.

His brother Clarence was a nurse and married to a nurse, Lillian. Another brother Glenn married a nurse, Willene. Dorothy Benedict, long time director of nursing in Fort Collins, remembered that Alma, George, and Clarence did private duty for Dr. Beebe, and that Willene was a night supervisor at the Larimer County Hospital. George later worked at the Poudre Valley Coronary Care unit.

When the Spaulding family settled in the Hewlett Gulch area of the Poudre Canyon area, they had a permit from the Forest Service to operate a sawmill from the 1920's through the 60's. George operated the sawmill in addition to working as a nurse. By 1970, he had retired from both occupations. George Spaulding died at the age of 76, in 1983, leaving a son Jim and a daughter Sylvia. In a letter from Jim in 2009, he wrote: "Nurses in George's family: My sister Sylvia is a retired RN. She has a son and daughter who are RNs. Her oldest daughter's daughter just graduated from Union College School of Nursing. Our oldest daughter and our son's wife are RNs."

Vicki Carroll RN, MSN

Caption: George Spaulding

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