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George Eliot letters decision soon.

THE export ban on a collection of letters written by Nuneaton novelist George Eilot is to be reviewed at the end of May.

The 26 signed letters were bought by Yale University in Connecticut, USA in December last year at London auction house Sotheby's.

But arts minister Alan Howarth slapped an export ban on the collection in a bid to keep them in the country. But his department isn't buying them back from Yale.

Instead, Mr Howarth is appealing for people to come forward with the pounds 18,000 needed to keep them in the country.

A spokesman for the government's department of culture, media and sport said the ban would be reviewed at the end of May.

He explained if anyone had come forward prepared to stump up the pounds 18,000 needed to buy the letters and keep them in Britain the ban would be extended. Otherwise the export would be allowed.

Members of Nuneaton's George Eliot Fellowship welcomed the plans to take them to America, pointing out that Yale has the largest collection of George Eliot books in the world and is likely to publish the letters for everyone to read.

The letters are to her friend Jane Senior and son Walter.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Apr 20, 2001
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