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George & Mary.

"Clarity, clarity, surely clarity is the most beautiful thing in the
--George Oppen

George & Mary sailed their boat up the river
They met in poetry class & stayed up talking & kissing all night
Last month you told me our marriage was over

Expelled, they escaped family & eloped to France--lovers
They walked the countryside & read books to each other at night
Mary & George sailed their boat up the Hudson River

Fathers begged on the streets & they became resistors
They stayed up arguing politics & poetry with friends till late at night
I wonder after twenty years if my marriage is really over

George enlisted to fight in the war & Mary stayed home to mother
Wounded in a foxhole, he recited poems to survive the night
They steered their boat through the fog of that river

Exiled, he dreamed of rust & after twenty years began again to write:
Word builder
I've been up late reading their words & crying to the hours of the

If I say & do the right things my marriage won't be over

He knew Sincerity & Clarity, but his mind went to Alzheimer's
They stayed together & wrote letters to each other day and night
George & Mary sail their boat up the long river
You are not George & I was never Mary it's over
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Author:Guthrie, Camille
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 1, 2018
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