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Reading risk right: there are no shortcuts in calculating mortality gains. Jan 1, 2015 521
Making it simple: new products target middle market and nontraditional distribution channels. Aug 1, 2014 494
ECGs should be replaced: a newer cardiac marker does the job much better. Sep 1, 2013 529
Reefer madness: evidence does not substantiate placing occasional 'pot' smokers into high-risk underwriting categories. Jan 1, 2013 526
Clearing the air on tobacco tales: a myriad of myths affects all parties to a life insurance sale. Sep 1, 2011 523
Siren's E-song: personal information about applicants from social media sites raises concerns in the underwriting process. May 1, 2011 509
'Clean sheet' conundrum: red flags rightfully fly when underwriters are presented an elderly applicant who alleges no medical history. Dec 1, 2010 520
E-assets reduce underwriting time: use of readily available, low-cost public information can drastically speed the underwriting process. Aug 1, 2010 498
The mute minority: some underwriters and medical directors stick to EKGs and treadmill tests despite the emergence of a superior blood test. Mar 1, 2010 536
Rise of the machines: straight-through underwriting processors have languished in North America, but soon could increase output twofold. Nov 1, 2009 500
Flummoxed over bancassurance: sales of life products at banks are flat, but quicker underwriting that doesn't sacrifice quality may help. Feb 1, 2009 517
A history lesson in insurance screening: a cancer marker being proposed for screening life insurance applicants could be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Sep 1, 2008 502
Rules vs. judgment: a swing toward rules-based underwriting may influence an underwriter's judgment. Column May 1, 2008 528
Imprimatur: the Association of British Insurers' approval of teleunderwriting heralds a new era of acceptance of this more consistent and less costly procedure. Dec 1, 2007 500
Magical thinking: is it time for insurers to do [over]due diligence on industry services? Aug 1, 2007 528
A recipe for success: it's time to choose known alternatives to costly and slow underwriting. Mar 1, 2007 507
How far is too far? Faced with pressures from all sides, underwriters face choices about what tools to use, and whether they'll be allowed to use them. Nov 1, 2006 713
Energy Takeover not 'c' word. Aug 1, 2006 88
Rethinking our tobacco follies: life and health insurers need to take another look at tobacco-use underwriting issues. Jun 1, 2006 752
Nothing to lose but chains: rather than allow ourselves to stagnate at a time of great opportunity, we underwriters must become more involved. Column Feb 1, 2006 659
Two faces of nondisclosure: asking the right questions--and doing it well--can reduce the amount of nondisclosure in life and health insurance applications. Column Nov 1, 2005 692
Enough 'exceptionitis': failure to use underwriting judgment and exercise resolve damages insurers, reinsurers and the industry as a whole. Jun 1, 2005 716
The five P's of underwriting: those who would underwrite life applicants need to keep learning, work with partners, and maintain their integrity. Feb 1, 2005 739
Making producers happy: introducing teleunderwriting can drop cycle time by as much as 300%. Aug 1, 2004 713
U-shaped curves: teleunderwriting's many advantages can be undermined if underwriters consistently overstep prudent boundaries. May 1, 2004 664
'Snake oil' pollutes underwriting: the very concept of insurability will be at risk unless underwriters embrace new and faster modes of risk assessment. Nov 1, 2003 714
Triage in teleunderwriting: an underwriting system with new techniques can speed up the process and save insurers money. (Underwriting Insight). Aug 1, 2003 714
Getting to horizontal: The 20th-century life underwriter often slowed down the process of an application or stopped it altogether. The new underwriter will become more of a team player. (Life/Health: Underwriting Insight). Mar 1, 2003 702
Pay now or pay later: the dwindling number of master underwriters and the industry's lack of commitment to developing them pose a grave threat to insurers. (Life/Health: Underwriting Insight). Nov 1, 2002 701
Faster, cheaper, better: the process of life underwriting continues to evolve. Today's marketplace demands speed, without sacrificing protective value. (Underwriting Insight: Life/Health). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 671

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