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Geordies pay high price for partying; we're top of league when it comes to nights out.

Byline: IAN ROBSON Reporter

GEORDIES are top of the league when it comes to how much we spend on a night out - and recovering with a food hangover cure. Circle, an app that aims to keep splashing out on booze under control, says its survey shows North East drinkers are the biggest spenders in the UK.

And it has come to the rescue with a hangover cure to swear by.

But be warned - it may do the trick but, trust us, it's hard to swallow.

Hardened drinkers may like to try downing some pickle juice before and after a night on the town. Having put the North East at the top of the league table, the people behind the app suggest drinking the juice in pickle jars is a great hangover cure.

A spokesman for the app said: "Bit of a weird (or gross) one, but people swear by it.

"The sour juice contains vinegar, salt, and water, which helps you rehydrate and replenish electrolyte and sodium levels.

"All of which need topping up after a night on the sauce. To make the most of it, drink a measure of it before your night out and then another two in the morning."

Circle says the average cost of a night out and hangover food for a Geordie is PS44.88.

That compares to the more sober folk in the South West who spend the least in the UK at PS32.35.

The survey said the average hangover cost for a Brit is a staggering PS2,092 a year.

The app says 35% of boozers are likely to order takeaway the next day after a big booze session, costing around PS10.53 each time.

With Brits going out once a week on average, it claims British hangovers are costing an incredible PS45.3bn a year for the population, with Geordies responsible for more per person than any other region.

The app also allows groups to fairly share the cost of a round and the subsequent hangover food.

Jack Collier, European marketing director at Circle, says: "There's always that one mate who is reluctant to get their round in and heads home when it's their turn - or 'forgets' their wallet.

"With hangovers costing us an eye-watering two grand a year, you at least need to split the round fairly to avoid losing out even more.

"Circle is the easiest way to divide the cost among friends and make sure they can't snake out of paying their way.

"Although, the only way to avoid a hangover the next day is to drink less".

Circle also allows users to enter a friend's phone number into the app so you can easily request money for the fiver you lent them, the taxi fare home and of course, their share of the hangover food the next day.

The cures THERE are more palatable ways of curing a hangover than pickle juice.

Circle also suggests these ways of soaking up the alcohol: DRINKING LOTS OF WATER "Drinking alcohol blocks the creation of a chemical called vasopressin, causing our kidneys to send water straight to the bladder instead of retaining it in the body - which is why you 'break the seal' and need frequent trips to the toilet.

"A night of expelling all this water leaves the body dehydrated, so to wake up feeling fresh, simply have a glass of water between each bev and drink plenty the morning after."

FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD "Even though it can sometimes feel like you can't stand the thought of eating, getting some calories down you after a heavy night can straighten you DRINKAWARE has more ways to avoid a hangover on the morning after the night before.

They say to keep track of what you're drinking and stay within the low-risk unit guidelines.

Here are some of their tips: | Avoid alcohol on an empty stomach as it increases the risk of experiencing hangover symptoms. Food helps to slow down the rate your body absorbs alcohol; | Try not to get into rounds. They make it harder to control how much you drink; | Drink plenty of water or soft drinks in between alcoholic drinks to avoid dehydration, one of the most prevalent hangover symptoms; out. The classic fry-up is a good place to start with as they replace fatty acids and begin to break down the leftover alcohol in your liver.

"Eggs are a superfood for this as they've got taurine in them, known to even reverse liver damage! Make that an omelette!

HAIR OF THE DOG "It's a risky one, and definitely not one your mother would approve of, but a Bloody Mary for breakfast may alleviate your pain."

We have to point out, though, that health experts might not agree. All you're doing, they say, is making the headache last longer.

DRINK LESS "The only way to cure the pain to your wallet is spending less or make sure you get your mates to pay back their share of the round or taxi home."

| Your body takes about one hour to process each unit of alcohol. Consider stopping drinking well before the end of the evening, so the process can begin before you go to bed and the chances of suffering a hangover the following day are kept to a minimum; | As well as water, drink fresh juice to give yourself a vitamin boost. If you really need it, take a painkiller and an antacid to settle your stomach and alleviate hangover symptoms. Try a rehydration treatment sachet - they replace lost minerals and salt; | Bananas and kiwis are examples of food you can eat to help cure a hangover as they are a good source of potassium (a mineral you lose when you drink because of the effect of alcohol).

Price to pay Hangover costs for UK (night out costs + hangover food cost = total hangover cost) 1. North East: PS44.88 2. London: PS44.73 3. Scotland: PS43.86 4. North West: PS42.62 5. Wales: PS42.06 6. Yorkshire and the Humber: PS41.45 7. Northern Ireland: PS41.29 8. East Midlands: PS38.64 9. South East: PS38.27 10. West Midlands: PS38.10 11. East Anglia: PS32.38 12. South West: PS32.35

The average hangover cost for a Brit is a staggering PS2,092 a year Circle app
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Date:Nov 27, 2017
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