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Geometry spreadsheet.

Geometry Spreadsheet

Capability: Cedar, which is short for Conceptual Engineering Design and Reporting, helps users evaluate and present conceptual design options by providing facilities for analyzing variational geometry, processing engineering formulas, and documenting design information. The program operates under Microsoft's Windows software.

With Cedar's variational geometry feature, users can create and constrain geometry by entering values in a spreadsheet, instead of drawing and connecting geometric entities as is typically done with a CAD system. Geometry can be constrained by dimensions, mass properties, engineering calculations, and other geometric features within a design. As users iterate designs, the software remembers the constraints and notifies the user of design rule violations. The software also automatically calculates area, center of gravity, moment of inertia, perimeter, and other properties.

Cedar's math functions permit users to load, store, and change frequently used formulas using a calculation editor. Output of calculations can be linked to a design's geometric values, allowing users to explore options by changing parameters and automatically generating new designs. The program also has facilities for performing kinematic analysis to simulate conditions where spatial interference can affect a design. Geometry, text, and calculations can be transferred to Microsoft's Write software for final documentation. Hardware: IBM PC/XT, AT, PS/2, and compatible; 640K of RAM; hard disk; graphics card; mouse. Developer: MCAE Technologies Inc., 3474 Nova Scotia Ave., San Jose, CA 95124; (408) 371-6095. Availability: $895. A demo disk costs $40. Contact MCAE.

Mac Drafter Capability: Versacad Corp.'s Versacad/Drafter for Apple Macintosh computers incorporates all of the 2-D drafting features of the vendor's Versacad/Macintosh Edition CAD system. The software accommodates up to 250 drawing levels and 10 units of measurement, provides floating-point accuracy of up to 16 decimal places, and exchanges 2-D files with Versacad/Macintosh Edition.

Geometric construction capabilities include extend and trim, paralels and perpendiculars, fillets, tangents, ellipses, freehand sketching, and Bezier curves. Object information such as length, radius, and perimeter can be displayed with cross-sectional calculations like center of gravity, moment of inertia, and so on. Other features include cross-hatching of regular and irregular boundaries, pan and zoom, grid and snap, and cut and paste. Hardware: Apple Macintosh SE and Plus with 1 MB of RAM or Macintosh II and IIx with 2 MB of RAM. Math coprocessor recommended. Developer: Versacad Corp., 2124 Main St., Huntington Beach, CA 92648; (714) 960-7720. Availability: $995. Versacad Corp.'s Drawing Manager HyperCard Stack is provided free of charge to all purchasers who return the warranty card.

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