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A Geostatistical Approach to Spatial Quality Assessment of Coarse Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Products. Park, No-Wook; Kyriakidis, Phaedon C. Jul 1, 2019 5773
Drinking water quality assessment using water quality index and geostatistical techniques, Mardan District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Jun 30, 2019 8836
Spatial and multivariate analysis of soybean productivity and soil physical-chemical attributes/ Analise espacial e multivariada da produtividade de soja e de atributos fisico-quimicos do solo. Buss, Ricardo N.; Silva, Raimunda A.; Siqueira, Glecio M.; Leiva, Jairo O.R.; Oliveira, Osmann C.C.; Jun 1, 2019 6517
The Purpose Of The Service Is To Perform Optimization Work On Geostatistical Post-processing. The Purpose Of The Service Is To Limit The Calculation Time Allocated To Post-processing. These Time Limitations Will Allow Ineris To Be More Robust On Daily, An. May 18, 2019 163
Characterization of noise emitted by a power tiller through geostatistics/Caracterizacao do ruido emitido por um trator de rabica por meio da geoestatistica. Goncalves, Luana M.; Ferraz, Gabriel A. e.S.; de Oliveira, Marcelo S.; Barbosa, Brenon D.S.; Silva, Mar 1, 2019 3997
Spatial variability of enthalpy in rabbit house with and without ridge vent/Variabilidade espacial da entalpia em galpao para coelhos com e sem lanternim. Ferraz, Patricia F.P.; Ferraz, Gabriel A. e.S.; Damasceno, Flavio A.; de Moura, Raquel S.; Silva, Ma Feb 1, 2019 5259
ROCKS OF AGES: From John Ruskin and Paul Nash to more recent practitioners, artists over the last two, cenjuries have found geology a rich seam to mine. Wilkes, James Jan 1, 2019 2769
Geology. Conybeare, Stephanie Poem Sep 22, 2018 188
New Historical and Geological Constraints on the Date of Noah's Flood. Dickin, Alan Essay Sep 1, 2018 521
Space-time distribution of precipitation and SPI in the State of Rondonia (RO), Brazil, by means of geostatistics techniques/Distribuicao espaco-temporal da precipitacao e SPI no estado de Rondonia (RO), Brasil, por meio de tecnicas de geoestatistica. Muler, Ranieli dos Anjos de Souza; Moura, Valdir; Borma, Laura De Simone Jul 1, 2018 4184
Some aspects about the spatial dependence index for variability of soil attributes/Alguns aspectos sobre o indice de dependencia espacial para variabilidade de atributos do solo. dos Santos, Eduardo Lucas Ensslin; Seidel, Enio Junior; de Bastos Pazini, Juliano; de Oliveira, Marc Jun 1, 2018 3902
Spatial-temporal variability of leaf chlorophyll and its relationship with cocoa yield/Variabilidade espaco-temporal da clorofila foliar e sua relacao com a produtividade do cacaueiro. Medauar, Caique C.; Galvao, Icaro M.; Carvalho, Luis C.C.; Silva, Samuel de A. Mar 1, 2018 4133
A Geostatistical Investigation into the Effective Spatiotemporal Coverage of Road Weather Information Systems in Alberta, Canada. Wang, Xu; Gu, Lian; Kwon, Tae J.; Qiu, Tony Z. Jan 1, 2018 6380
Spatial variability of soil attributes in an experimental basin in the semi-arid region of Pernambuco, Brazil/Variabilidade espacial de atributos de solo em uma bacia experimental do Semiarido pernambucano, Brasil. Araujo, Diego C. dos S.; Montenegro, Suzana M.G.L.; de A. Montenegro, Abelardo A.; de P. e Silva Jun Jan 1, 2018 3752
Customer Journey Maps: A Path to Innovation and Increased Profits. Mcknight, Cathy Nov 1, 2017 675
Spatial variability of vegetation index and soil properties in an integrated crop-livestock system/Variabilidade espacial de indices de vegetacao e propriedades do solo em sistema de integracao lavoura-pecuaria. de C. Bernardi, Alberto C.; Grego, Celia R.; Andrade, Ricardo G.; Rabello, Ladislau M.; Inamasu, Ric Ensayo Aug 1, 2017 4206
Geostatistical analysis of Arabic coffee yield in two crop seasons/Analise geoestatistica da produtividade do cafeeiro arabica em duas safras. Carvalho, Luis C.C.; Silva, Fabio M. da; Ferraz, Gabriel A. e.S.; Stracieri, Juliana; Ferraz, Patric Ensayo Jun 1, 2017 3662
Distribucion espacial y temporal de la diversidad de especies en un bosque estacional semideciduo con un episodio de incendio. Gomes da Silva, Kmila; Venturin, Nelson; Caldas Carvalho, Warley Augusto; Bernardina Batista, Anders Jun 1, 2017 4213
Borrow strength approach applied to a geostatistical model to estimate volume/Abordagem borrow strenght aplicada a modelo geoestatistico para estimativa de volume. Wojciechowski, Julio Cesar; Arce, Julio Eduardo; Weber, Saulo Henrique; Ribeiro, Paulo Justiniano, J Ensayo Apr 1, 2017 5293
Effects of spatial variability on soil physical attributes in areas cultivated with cassava prepared with different tillage systems. da Vitoria, Edney Leandro; Fernandes, Adriano Alves Report Apr 1, 2017 4501
The geology of Minecraft. Sharp, Lara Mar 1, 2017 1767
Effects of land use and topography on spatial variety of soil organic carbon density in a hilly, subtropical catchment of China. Liu, Huanyao; Zhou, Jiaogen; Feng, Qingyu; Li, Yuyuan; Li, Yong; Wu, Jinshui Report Mar 1, 2017 7524
Thinking permeable matter through feminist geophilosophy: Environmental knowledge controversy and the materiality of hydrogeologic processes. Bosworth, Kai Author abstract Feb 1, 2017 9853
Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Fluid Flow in Continental Carbonate Reservoir Rocks and in Upscaled Rock Models Generated with Multiple-Point Geostatistics. Soete, J.; Claes, S.; Claes, H.; Janssens, N.; Cnudde, V.; Huysmans, M.; Swennen, R. Jan 1, 2017 13792
Research into the effects of seawater velocity variation on migration imaging in deep-water geology. Sun, Hui; Sun, Jianguo; Han, Fuxing; Sun, Zhangqing; Liu, Zhiqiang; Liu, Mingchen; Huang, Xingguo Report Sep 1, 2016 4018
Map of Vesuvius and the surrounding area, Istituto Geografico Militare, Florence, 1927. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 187
Purchase and delivery of computer equipment necessary for the efficient use of products geostatistical Portal Project - Phase II under OP IE 2007-2013. Nov 9, 2015 282
Execution and delivery of promotional materials, including for the project geostatistical portal - phase ii operational programme innovative economy 2007-2013 (opie). May 26, 2015 519
Expansion of the existing system geostatistical portal (pgs) with new functionalities and the supply of GIS software licenses and implementation of training related to their use. Mar 14, 2015 436
Geostatistical analysis of the relationship between heavy metals in drinking water and cancer incidence in residential areas in the black sea region of Turkey. Colak, Ebru Husniye; Yomralioglu, Tahsin; Nisanci, Recep; Yildirim, Volkan; Duran, Celal Jan 1, 2015 4675
Geostatistical analysis for delineating sterile inclusions in Sidi Chennane' phosphatic series, Morrocco. Baba, Khadija; Bahi, Lahcen; Ouadif, Latifa Report Dec 1, 2014 3253
Future of maps. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 320
Number of samples in geostatistical analysis and kriging maps of soil properties/Numero de amostras na analise geoestatistica e na krigagem de mapas de atributos do solo. de Souza, Zigomar Menezes; de Souza, Gustavo Soares; Marques, Jose, Jr.; Pereira, Gener Tadeu Feb 1, 2014 4271
Using multivariate geostatistics to assess patterns of spatial dependence of apparent soil electrical conductivity and selected soil properties. Siqueira, Glecio Machado; Dafonte, Jorge Dafonte; Armesto, Montserrat Valcarcel; Silva, Enio Farias Report Jan 1, 2014 6032
Providing a subsurface reservoir quality maps in oil fields by geostatistical methods. Amanipoor, Hakimeh Report Dec 1, 2013 1870
Geostatistical methods in spatial modelling of the middle diameter of the goethite crystal/ Metodos geoestatisticos na modelagem espacial do diametro medio do cristal da goethita. da Silva, Joao F., Jr.; Pereira, Gener T.; Camargo, Livia A.; Marques, Josel, Jr. Nov 1, 2013 4454
Spatial dependence of soil physical attributes in of Alfissol forest/Variabilidade espacial dos atributos fisicos em um Argissolo Vermelho sob floresta. Campos, Milton Cesar Costa; Soares, Marcelo Dayron Rodrigues; Santos, Luis Antonio Coutrim; Oliveira Report Jun 1, 2013 5033
Tennyson's Maud (1855) and the "unmeaning of names": geology, language theory, and dialogics. Geric, Michelle Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 11282
Pattern of structural geology underground in eastern of north DEZFOL embayment. Mashal, Mahdi; Kermani, Mohsen Pour; Charchi, Abbas; Almasian, Mahmud; Arian, Mehran Feb 1, 2013 3630
Spatial downscaling of TRMM precipitation using geostatistics and fine scale environmental variables. Park, No-Wook Report Jan 1, 2013 4941
3D geostatistical modeling and uncertainty analysis in a carbonate reservoir, SW Iran. Kamali, Mohammad Reza; Omidvar, Azadeh; Kazemzadeh, Ezatallah Report Jan 1, 2013 3686
Comparison of geostatistical interpolation and remote sensing techniques for estimating long-term exposure to ambient P[M.sub.2.5] concentrations across the continental United States. Lee, Seung-Jae; Serre, Marc L.; van Donkelaar, Aaron; Martin, Randall V.; Burnett, Richard T.; Jerre Report Dec 1, 2012 7414
Towards cost-effective estimation of soil carbon stocks at the field scale. Singh, K.; Murphy, B.W.; Marchant, B.P. Report Nov 1, 2012 8865
Spatial heterogeneity of soil physico-chemical properties in contrasting wetland soils in two agro-ecological zones of Lesotho. Nkheloane, T.; Olaleye, A.O.; Mating, R. Report Oct 1, 2012 7898
A geostatistical approach for predicting the top producing formation in oil fields. Abdideh, Mohammad; Abyat, Majed Report Sep 1, 2012 3056
Analysis and Delineation of Spatial Variability using Geo-sensed Apparent Electrical Conductivity and Clustering Techniques. Bansod, Babankumar S.; Pandey, O.P.; Rajesh, N.L. Report Aug 31, 2012 6387
Africa's subterranean water resources. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 201
Mapping agricultural soil nutrients content using geostatistical technique. Lorestani, Bahareh; Merrikhpour, Hajar; Cheraghi, Mehrdad; Makhfi, Golnar; Rouniasi, Nasim Report Jul 1, 2012 1893
Connecting indigenous stories with geology: inquiry-based learning in a middle years classroom. Larkin, Damian; King, Donna; Kidman, Gillian Jun 1, 2012 3326
Spatial variability of iron and zinc concentrations in the soils of wheat farms. Attar, Maryam; Jafarnejadi, Alireza; Sayyad, Gholamabas; Gholami, Ali Report May 1, 2012 2872
Geochemistry and correlation of volcanic ash beds from the Rootsikula Stage (Wenlock-Ludlow) in the eastern Baltic / Rootsikula lademe vulkaaniliste kihtide geokeemia ja korrelatsioon Ida-Baltikumis. Kiipli, Tarmo; Einasto, Rein; Kallaste, Toivo; Nestor, Viiu; Perens, Helle; Siira, Sven Report Dec 1, 2011 5916
Meeting bulk density sampling requirements efficiently to estimate soil carbon stocks. Holmes, Karen W.; Wherrett, Andrew; Keating, Adrian; Murphy, Daniel V. Report Nov 1, 2011 12505
Geo-statistical forecasting using attitudinal survey data in Afghanistan. Reanier, Patrick Oct 1, 2011 1894
Geostatistical use for characterization of the spatial distribution of larvae of Diloboderus abderus/Uso da geoestatistica para caracterizacao da distribuicao espacial de larvas de Diloboderus abderus. Pra, Elder Dal; Guedes, Jerson Vanderlei Carus; Cherman, Mariana Alejandra; Jung, Affonso Hermeto; d Oct 1, 2011 2767
The new cultural geology. McGurl, Mark Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 4285
Study of soil properties, using kriging and in inverse distance weighting methods. Ashraf, Shahram; Abbaspour, Hossein Report Aug 1, 2011 2685
Using of multi-model data fusion in hydrological forecasting. Pour, Forough Allahyari; Asemi, Reza Report Jul 1, 2011 3740
Ginninderra revisited: the contribution of B. E. Butler to statistical pedology. Webster, R. Report May 1, 2011 5284
Kriging-based Timoshenko Beam Element for Static and Free vibration analyses. Wong, F.T.; Syamsoeyadi, H. Report Mar 1, 2011 5586
Geology and geography. Jan 1, 2011 5028
Geological and stratigraphical studies of dimension and cutstone around Khanu Brohi and Khadhar areas, district Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. Report Dec 31, 2010 286
Spatial variability of soil carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus content and storage in an alpine wetland in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China. Bai, Junhong; Ouyang, Hua; Xiao, Rong; Gao, Junqin; Gao, Haifeng; Cui, Baoshan; Huang, Laibin Report Dec 1, 2010 4945
Land and water, from A to V: understanding the physical features around us. Oct 11, 2010 660
Maternal exposure to nitrogen dioxide during pregnancy and offspring birth weight: comparison of two exposure models. Lepeule, Johanna; Caini, Fabrice; Bottagisi, Sebastien; Galineau, Julien; Hulin, Agnes; Marquis, Nat Report Oct 1, 2010 7809
Application of deterministic and geostatistical interpolation methods for Earth surface modeling/Deterministiniu ir geostatistiniu interpoliavimo metodu taikymas zemes pavirsiui modeliuoti. Nareiko, Viktor; Ruzgiene, Birute; Uselis, Adomas Report Sep 1, 2010 2060
Canadian geoscience: charting new territory in the 21st century: the Geological Association of Canada Presidential Address, GeoCanada 2010, May 10, 2010. Lebel, Daniel Sep 1, 2010 7639
Computer-assisted analysis of the impact of location on residential property value: a case study of Nairobi, Kenya. Mulaku, G.C.; Kamau, J. Report Jun 22, 2010 5971
International Year of Planet Earth 9. Geology in the urban environment in Canada. Karrow, P.F.; Clague, John J. Report Jun 1, 2010 11360
Dynamics of the small-scale spatial structure of a population of the spider crab Maja brachydactyla (decapoda: majidae). Corgos, Antonio; Sanchez, Noela; Freire, Juan Report Apr 1, 2010 6909
Analyze the soil attributes and sugarcane yield culture with the use of geostatistics and decision trees/Analise dos atributos do solo e da produtividade da cultura de cana-de-acucar com o uso da geoestatistica e arvore de decisao. de Souza, Zigomar Menezes; Cerri, Domingos Guilherme Pellegrino; Colet, Marcelo Jose; Rodrigues, Lui Apr 1, 2010 4670
Copernicus invented geology more than 500 years ago. Mar 13, 2010 432
Helping Haiti After studying plate tectonics pupils at. Mar 11, 2010 81
The Geology Of Syria. Mar 8, 2010 757
Syria - Part 1 - The Prospects & Geology. Mar 8, 2010 405
Danger of volcano eruption in Ziarat hovering: Geologist. Mar 7, 2010 895
No-sweat bubble test. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 268
Oman - Part 1 - The Prospects & Geology. Feb 1, 2010 1699
Studying rotting fish can shed new light on humans' earliest ancestry. Feb 1, 2010 388
Earth, science, climate change. Barger, Amy Brief article Feb 1, 2010 208
Roadside Geology of Minnesota. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 94
The Science Shelf. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 114
Uncertainty assessment of soil organic carbon content spatial distribution using geostatistical stochastic simulation. Delbari, Masoomeh; Loiskandl, Willibald; Afrasiab, Peyman Report Feb 1, 2010 5075
Seismology in your twitter feed. Perkins, Sid Brief article Jan 16, 2010 127
Iran, Tajikistan Ink MoU on Geology Cooperation. Jan 10, 2010 141
Egypt's Geology. Jan 4, 2010 2607
Egypt's Geology - The Western Desert & Offshore. Jan 4, 2010 540
Geostatistics and soil attributes in area cultivated with sugar cane/ Geoestatistica e atributos do solo em areas cultivadas com cana-de-acucar. de Souza, Zigomar Menezes; Marques, Jose Jr.; Pereira, Gener Tadeu Jan 1, 2010 5531
Over the Coasts: An Aerial View of Geology. Perkins, Sid Book review Dec 19, 2009 259
Two Syrians Win Abdus Salam Prize for Young Researchers in Geology. Dec 8, 2009 86
Geology and wine 12. New Zealand terroir. Imre, Stephen P.; Mauk, Jeffrey L. Report Dec 1, 2009 10986
Stepwise magma migration and accumulation processes and their effect on extracted melt chemistry/ Astmeline magma liikumine ja akumulatsioon ning nende protsesside moju magma koostisele. Urtson, Kristjan; Soesoo, Alvar Dec 1, 2009 7353
Calcareous tubeworms of the Phanerozoic/ Fanerosoikumi lubikojaga ussid. Vinn, Olev; Mutvei, Harry Dec 1, 2009 6742
The National Institute of General Medical Sciences, one of the National Institutes of Health, has awarded a $190,894 grant to the Department of Biological Sciences and Geology at Queensborough Community College in New York to create training workshops that will help prepare science students for careers as biomedical researchers. Nov 30, 2009 109
International expedition investigates climate change in Arctic. Nov 22, 2009 399
The Geology Of Venezuela. Nov 9, 2009 1121
Venezuela - Part 1 - The Prospects, Geology & Exploration. Nov 9, 2009 475
Roadside Geology of Minnesota. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 157
Scientists peek through window on evolution of earliest shell-covered fossil animals. Oct 26, 2009 433
Geologists help Indians identify contaminated water sources to fight arsenic poisoning. Oct 26, 2009 435
Jerusalem's geology molded it into one of world's most religiously important cities. Oct 22, 2009 381
New tsunami proof buildings may save thousands of lives. Oct 22, 2009 392
Bedrock of a Holy City: The Historical Importance of Jerusalem's Geology. Oct 22, 2009 369
Satellite data explains geological events leading to deadly 2008 China quake. Oct 21, 2009 455
Satellite data explains geological events leading to deadly 2008 China quake. Oct 18, 2009 455
Algae and pollen grains reveal sudden spike in Antarctica's temperature 15.7 mln yrs ago. Oct 12, 2009 446
Algae and pollen grains reveal sudden spike in Antarctica's temperature 15.7 mln yrs ago. Oct 5, 2009 446
Dealing with that sinking feeling. McChristian, Lynne Oct 1, 2009 798
Gary C. Comer geochemistry building at the Lamont-Doherty earth observatory: merit award for excellence in architecture for a new building. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 277
The Geology Of Saudi Arabia. Sep 28, 2009 2104
Saudi Arabia - Part 1 - The Prospects & Geology. Sep 28, 2009 378
Kyrgyz hydroelectric stations in highly seismic zone pose potential threat of cascade-wise destruction - Uzbek Seismology Institute. Sep 24, 2009 402
Victoria Sambunaris. Berkovitch, Ellen Sep 22, 2009 594
Tennyson and the metaphysics of material culture: the early poetry. Kroll, Allison Adler Sep 22, 2009 9934
Crater that formed due to dino killing asteroid may yield clues about ancient Maya. Sep 21, 2009 468
InfoNorth: the McGill Axel Heiberg expeditions: reconnaissance year, 1959. Adams, Peter Sep 1, 2009 3388
The 3rd international oil shale symposium in Tallinn. Aarna, Indrek Editorial Sep 1, 2009 3080
The contribution of Ward Neale to the development of scientific outreach and education in Canada. Nowlan, Godfrey S. In memoriam Sep 1, 2009 2882
The Johnson GEO CENTRE: earth's geological showcase. Blackwood, R. Frank Report Sep 1, 2009 6814
EdGEO: helping teachers teach Earth science. Van der Flier-Keller, Eileen; Clinton, Laura; Haidl, Fran Report Sep 1, 2009 4312
Canadian Geoscience Education Network: a grassroots powerhouse. Vodden, Christy Report Sep 1, 2009 2161
A procedure for mapping the depth to the texture contrast horizon of duplex soils in south-western Australia using ground penetrating radar, GPS and kriging. Simeoni, M.A.; Galloway, P.D.; O'Neil, A.J.; Gilkes, R.J. Report Sep 1, 2009 5453
Sequential indicator simulation and indicator kriging estimation of 3-dimensional soil textures. He, Y.; Chen, D.; Li, B.G.; Huang, Y.F.; Hu, K.L.; Li, Y.; Willett, I.R. Report Sep 1, 2009 5463
Digital soil class mapping using legacy soil profile data: a comparison of a genetic algorithm and classification tree approach. Nelson, M.A.; Odeh, I.O.A. Report Sep 1, 2009 9802
Shaky forecasts: despite past failures, geophysicists think earthquake prediction might yet be possible. Brody, Kristina Bartlett Aug 29, 2009 2543
The Geology Of Nigeria. Aug 3, 2009 1444
Nigeria - Part 1 - The Prospects & Geology. Aug 3, 2009 560
Iron isotopes can be used as a tool in oceanography. Aug 2, 2009 382
CARDIFF UNIVERSITY. Jul 15, 2009 3515
Venus may once have been more Earth-like. Jul 14, 2009 417
Mortalidad infantil y marginacion urbana: analisis espacial de su relacion en una ciudad de tamano medio del noroeste mexicano. Alvarez, Gerardo; Lara, Francisco; Harlow, Sioban D.; Denman, Catalina Report Jul 1, 2009 6282
New calculations may further limit habitable zones around distant suns. Jun 11, 2009 453
Kuwait - Part 1 - Overview, The Geology & Exploration. Jun 1, 2009 633
International year of planet earth 4. Utilizing paleosols in Quaternary climate change studies. Rutter, Nat Report Jun 1, 2009 9038
Guillermo E. Alvarado: premio geologico 2009 Dr. Cesar Dondoli Burbazzi. Montero P., Walter; Denyer Ch., Percy Jun 1, 2009 1697
Geologia de la hoja San Isidro, Costa Rica. Alvarado, Guillermo E.; Barquero, Rafael; Taylor, Waldo; Mora, Mauricio; Peraldo, Giovanni; Salazar, Jun 1, 2009 6693
Kyrgyz Seismology Institute denies information about powerful quake. May 20, 2009 126
Lakehead out to promote student exploration research: miners have access to lab equipment and government research dollars. Ross, Ian May 1, 2009 637
Geology tourism. Apr 27, 2009 89
The evolution of a controversy. Apr 26, 2009 1316
Ambitious bid to save plateau; pounds 100,000 grant for partnership. Apr 24, 2009 573
The Geology Of Iran. Apr 6, 2009 1195
Indonesia's Geology. Mar 16, 2009 1277
Papua - Geology. Mar 16, 2009 534
Try time travel on the Black Mountain; '10,000 years with every step' is Geopark's proud boast today. Mar 7, 2009 544
Kyrgyz State Agency of Geology and Mineral Resources announces competition for the development of the Kara-Keche brown coalfield. Mar 3, 2009 80
Fischer-Watt Gold Acquires 55,000 Acres of US Uranium Geology. Mar 2, 2009 621
Springer (New York) has begun the publication of two new journals. Mar 1, 2009 187
Kriging-based finite element method: element-by-element Kriging interpolation. Wong, F.T.; Kanok-Nukulchai, W. Report Mar 1, 2009 4240
Alps under Antarctica; GEOLOGY. Feb 25, 2009 80
EVOLUTION of a genius; ABBIE WIGHTWICK explores Charles Darwin's time in Wales the place to be. Feb 21, 2009 446
Trillions of Planets just like Earth; SCIENCE. Feb 17, 2009 145
3-D geoseismic mapping helps firms find natural gas. Hengel, Mark Feb 16, 2009 916
The Algerian Geology & Prospectivity. Feb 9, 2009 1432
Chance to try geology. Jan 16, 2009 89
Walkers to study fossils. Jan 9, 2009 90
Earth's twin cores may have sparked off plate tectonics. Jan 9, 2009 439
Earth's twin cores may have sparked off plate tectonics. Jan 7, 2009 439
The Geology Of Abu Dhabi. Jan 5, 2009 1823
The 1835 Williams College Expedition to Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia: the First Geological Field Trip by a North American College. Falcon-Lang, Howard J. Report Jan 1, 2009 10214
Darwin's shadow: context and reception in the western world. Iqbal, Muzaffar Report Dec 22, 2008 22420
A natural connection: USGS and endangered species research. Muir, Rachel; Scott, J. Michael Dec 22, 2008 1638
Glacial erosion changes internal mountain structure, responses to plate tectonics. Dec 3, 2008 352
Earth's plate tectonics may have started more than 4 billion years ago. Dec 3, 2008 441
Earth's plate tectonics began a billion years earlier than thought. Dec 3, 2008 177
Environment geophysics on environmental protection in China. Yang, Jin; Cheng, Yexun; Zhao, Zhangyuan; Yang, Yaxin Report Dec 1, 2008 4095
Peces fosiles de la localidad Lomas de Siquirres, cauce del Rio reventazon, formacion Rio Banano, Mioceno Superior, provincia de Limon, Costa Rica. Laurito, Cesar A.; Valerio, Ana L.; Ovares, Eloy; Hernandez, Ana C.; Pizarro, Diana Report Dec 1, 2008 6248
Un enfoque cladista para la insercion de fosiles en la filogenia. Retana-Salazar, Axel P. Report Dec 1, 2008 7545
Geopolymer concrete: a concrete to be known more. Patil, H.S.; Raijiwala, D.B.; Prashant, Hingwe; Vijay, Bhabhor Report Dec 1, 2008 1867
Glacial erosion changes internal mountain structure, responses to plate tectonics. Nov 25, 2008 352
A natural connection: USGS and endangered species research. Muir, Rachel; Scott, J. Michael Sep 22, 2008 1661
No-sweat bubble test. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 280
Pteridophytes of southeast Alabama: Dichotomous keys, illustrations and distribution maps. Woods, Michael; Diamond, Alvin R., Jr Aug 1, 2008 5460
GIS For Oil & Gas Conference: it's not just about transmission! Conference news Aug 1, 2008 2615
The development of a new approach to colour characterization in dimension stone mining. Saliu, M.A. Aug 1, 2008 1420
Around the north. Jul 1, 2008 502
Contribuicoes das geotecnologias ao zoneamento ambiental do setor sul do parque Nacional Chapada Diamantina/BA. de Matos Vale, Raquel Cardoso; Britto Lobao, Jocimara Souza; da Franca Rocha Washington de Jesus San Report Jul 1, 2008 7815
AZERBAIJAN - Azerbaijan's Geology. Jun 30, 2008 460
Some 100-150 kg of stream gold taken out of Kyrgyzstan every year - State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources. Mar 11, 2008 91
Spatial population partitioning using Voronoi diagrams for environmental data analysis. Singh, Ashok K.; Singh, Anita; Gewali, Laxmi P. Report Mar 1, 2008 7597
Geology and geography. Jan 1, 2008 4230
Abstracts of papers presented at the 2007 meeting of the Tennessee Academy Of Science. Barber, Rex Bibliography Jan 1, 2008 24192
On the geology of the Republic of Costa Rica. Gabb, William M. Dec 1, 2007 12476
Four-billion-year-old diamonds shed light on Earth's formation. Brief article Nov 1, 2007 235
An interoperable portal supporting prototyping geospatial applications. Bambacus, Myra; Yang, Phil; Evans, John; Cole, Marge; Alameh, Nadine; Marley, Stephen Jul 1, 2007 3518
La geologia, vista desde la filosofia. Camacho, Luis Report Jun 1, 2007 9135
El legado cientifico del licenciado geometra Pedro Nolasco Gutierrez Gutierrez (1855-1918). Diaz Bolanos, Ronald E.; Solano Chaves, Flora J.; Huertas, Giovanni Peraldo Report Jun 1, 2007 18093
Geology and development of Aguacate mines, Costa Rica. Crespi, R.A. Jun 1, 2007 1679
Geology and geography. Calendar Jan 1, 2007 3397
The dis-closure of Huckleberry Finn. Natura Naturata vs. Lumen Naturale, ligthing out vs. Lichtung (1). Semrau, Janusz Essay Jan 1, 2007 24697
Economic geology: then and now. Jebrak, Michel Jun 1, 2006 9993
Take geology field trips right to the schoolyard. May 1, 2006 954
Buried treasures: constructing--and deconstructing--cave formations. Perkins, Sid Cover story Apr 29, 2006 2353
Rocks and geology. Apr 11, 2006 3879
Four lessons in Texas geology. Kelley, Jeremiah Jan 1, 2006 2638
Arquitectura de fallas y distribucion de propiedades fisicas relacionadas en macizos graniticos: metodologias geologicas y geofisicas. Marti, D.; Escuder Viruete, J.; Carbonell, R.; Flecha, I.; Perez-Estaun, A. Report Jan 1, 2006 7016
Emerald and aquamarine mineralization in Canada. Neufeld, Heather L.D. Jun 1, 2005 8883
Igneous rock associations 5. oceanic island volcanism II: mantle processes. Mallory-Greenough, Leanne M. Jun 1, 2005 11171
Conferences. Calendar Jun 1, 2005 523
Primordial nukes: the 2-billion-year-old tale of Earth's natural nuclear reactors. Weiss, Peter Ulrich Mar 12, 2005 2091
New executive director for AINA. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 153
Oligocene benthic foraminifera from the Paleogene Wenonah Canyon, Scotian shelf--normal versus canyon assemblages. Thomas, Francis C. Mar 1, 2005 7513
U-Pb tantalite, Re-Os molybdenite, and [sup.40]Ar/[sup.39]Ar muscovite dating of the Brazil Lake pegmatite, Nova Scotia: a possible shear-zone related origin for an LCT-type pegmatite. Kontak, Daniel J.; Creaser, Robert A.; Heaman, Larry M.; Archibald, Douglas A. Mar 1, 2005 8827
Mercury concentrations in the bedrock of southwestern Nova Scotia: a reconnaissance study. Page, Krista D.; Murphy, J. Brendan Mar 1, 2005 6322
Stratigraphy and structure of the Horton Group, Lochaber-Mulgrave area, northern mainland Nova Scotia. Teniere, Paul J.; Barr, Sandra M.; White, Chris E. Mar 1, 2005 7309
Geology and Geography. Jan 1, 2005 3958
Identification of magnetic anomalies caused by cultural features. Orta, Marta Report Jan 1, 2005 2477
J.W. Spencer (1851-1921): his life in Missouri and Georgia, and work on proglacial lakes. Middleton, Gerard V. Dec 1, 2004 8869
Geology and wine 8. Modeling viticultural landscapes: a GIS analysis of the terroir potential in the Umpqua Valley of Oregon. Nelson, Peder Dec 1, 2004 8277
What is the US equivalent of the Ordnance Survey? Harris, J. Dec 1, 2004 290
Moving Earth and heaven: colliding continents, the rise of the Himalayas, and the birth of the monsoons. Clift, Peter Sep 22, 2004 1925
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