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Geology of the Great Basin.

Geology of the Great Basin

Geology of the Great Basin, by Bill Fiero (1986; $22.50; $14.50 paperback). The term Great Basin is a misnomer; the region is more an upside-down, broken bowl. To tell how it got this way, Fiero details current plate tectonic thinking about the earth as a whole, with continents smashing each other like cars in a demolition derby.

The book ends with brief geological portraits of Great Basin landmarks. The Valley of Fire's red cliffs are fossilized sand dunes from 200 million years ago. And the official state fossil of landlocked Nevada-- the 60-foot reptile found in Ichthyosaur Paleontologic State Monument, near Gabbs--inhabited a long-dried sea.
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Date:Jun 1, 1986
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