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Articles from Geographical (September 1, 2002)

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A taste of paradise. (travel). Amodeo, Chris Brief Article 201
A world of adventure. Brief Article 326
A world of opportunity: gap year options are growing by the year. Shane Winser looks at the benefits of taking time out from study, and tells you how to make the most of your time. (gap year focus). Winser, Shane Brief Article 391
Against all odds. (Pick of the month). Liesenfeld, Winnie Book Review 188
Age of discovery for sale. (London). Amodeo, Chris Brief Article 304
Bactra rediscovered. (Afghanistan). Hellier, Chris Brief Article 164
Bright lights, big city: Winnie Liesenfeld visits Manchester's new museum, Urbis, for a quick tour of cities around the world. (Geographical review). Liesenfeld, Winnie Brief Article 391
Claiming the higher ground: Martin Price highlights the occurence of conflict, unrest and warfare in mountainous regions. (International Year of Mountains). Price, Martin Brief Article 232
Coptic Churches preserved in Ethiopia: the World Monuments Fund helps preserve Lalibela's magnificent churches. (travel). Amodeo, Chris Brief Article 256
Crucial kit: gear up with some of the hottest products around. (Geographical reviews). Amodeo, Chris 646
Directory: plan your year out with our listing of organisations that provide information and advice on gap year activities and arrange rewarding placements worldwide. (gap year focus). Directory 1094
Does eco-tourism threaten wildlife? (travel). Hellier, Chris Brief Article 134
Explorers' forum. (gap year focus). 119
Faces of African farming. Warrell, Helen Book Review 224
Farewell to Svalbard: Mark Evans writes his final entry from the Arctic Year Project in Svalbard, as he and the last group of young people who chose to spend their gap year camped at 78[degrees] north, prepare to come home. (gap year focus). Evans, Mark Brief Article 641
Filling the gap: when school's out forever, your future is laid out before you and the world is at your feet. The time is right to leave your home and friends behind and head off somewhere new for an adventure. Christian Amodeo looks at the options for those considering a `gap year'. (gap year focus). Amodeo, Christian 2127
Get the balance right. (letters). Asquith, Craig 117
Gorilla warfare. Haines, Miranda Book Review 235
In Society. (RGS-IBG News). 860
Lying about flying. (letters). Chadbourn, Keith 179
New eye on the weather. (Space). Brief Article 214
New Scottish walks. (travel). Amodeo, Chris Brief Article 121
Payment for photos. (letters). Wadge, PM 204
Pole position: you would have to question the motivation of someone who wanted to spend 81 days on the `edge of survival', walking 1,200 kilometres to reach the geographic North Pole. Well, according to Caroline Hamilton it was `unfinished business'. (Geographical interview). Scarff, Liz Statistical Data Included 1472
Porterhouse blues. (Tourism Concern). Barnett, Tricia Brief Article 287
Q&A: Neville Shulman. (In conversation). Fry, Carolyn Brief Article 785
Questions & answers: every question published wins this innovative Swisscard, worth 14.95 [pounds sterling]. Questions should be as concise as possible, and be restricted to geographical topics and themes. (You are the expert). Hollings, Georgie Brief Article 539
Quito centre of the ancient world: a lone researcher in the Ecuadorian Andes has uncovered evidence of a civilisation of astronomers who, as far back as 1500 BC, were capable of calculating the movement of the sun with the same accuracy as the latest satellite positioning equipment. (Archaeoastronomy in Ecuador). Honigsbaum, Mark Statistical Data Included 2091
Recommended reading on Africa. (Pick of the month). Book Review 209
Return of the Black Death. (Plague in Madagascar). Marriott, Edward Statistical Data Included 1794
Salaam Bombay. (Now showing ...). Liesenfeld, Winnie Theater Review 216
Severance pain. (Circumcision ceremony). Van Wyk, Gary Brief Article 861
Sloping off: good food, good wine and an unparalleled perspective of the Alpine landscape--ski touring in Austria offers sport, adventure and its own special kind of mountain culture. (Responsible travel). Miller, Simon 1225
Soaking up the pressure: Orla Doherty escaped from city life to work on the RV Heraclitus. But as she explains, life is no picnic for its hard-working crew. (gap year focus). Doherty, Orla Brief Article 251
Survival of the quickest. (Cheetahs). Brief Article 638
The big smoke: one hundred years ago, thick smogs regularly brought London to a standstill, cast day into night and killed thousands. As scientists debate current issues of pollution and air quality at London's Environment and Future conference, Dr John E Thornes and Gemma Metherell take us back to the days of Turner, Monet and the London `Peasouper'. (London Smog). Statistical Data Included 2222
The coldest March. Goodwin, Stephen Book Review 177
The state we're in: a ruinous decade on from the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, the planet has arguably never been in worse shape. Half the world's rivers are seriously polluted, extinction is running at 1,000 times the natural rate, and more people than ever are locked into the devastating spiral of poverty. Can the upcoming Johannesburg summit reverse the trend? (Sustainable development). Townsend, Mark Statistical Data Included 1749
Threat to frogs found. (USA). Amodeo, Chris Brief Article 177
Travel doctor. (travel). Eden, Jules 292
Trek Tasmania: Matthew Brace, author of a new eco-guide to Tasmania, celebrates the efforts of the island's first green ramblers. (Responsible travel). Brace, Matthew 1277
Wars and stripes. (letters). Barnaby, David 260
Where in the world? Your chance to win an Eagle Creek Tanker Trunk bag worth 150 [pounds sterling]. (Competition). 208
Wind me up: introducing an innovative approach to phone power. (gap year focus). Brief Article 220
World heritage still at risk. (Global). Alexander, Doug Brief Article 298
X-rays of 13,500 million-year-old quasars captured by a European Space Agency satellite suggest that the universe is older than previously thought--or that unknown `iron factories' litter the universe--because quasars contain over three times more iron than our solar system. (Space). Amodeo, Chris Brief Article 105

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